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Bruxism Hypnosis Script

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Bruxism or teeth grinding is relatively common but if untreated may lead to dental problems. From the Greek word brychein, bruxism involved a grinding of the teeth, often when stressed and whilst asleep. This oral habit has been found in both children and adults although the disorder appears to diminish over time.

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A European study reported in Science News found nearly eight percent of the population grinds their teeth while sleeping at least once a week. Half these people reported jaw pain or damage that required dental work. Not surprisingly teeth grinding has demonstrated a significant link to loud snoring and episodes of sleep apnea which stops the breathing for a time.

The cause of bruxism is unknown. However, those who experience it are likely lead stressful lives, have bouts of anxiety or depression, smoke, consume caffeine, or alcohol according to the study. Whether or not people who grind their teeth develop jaw or tooth problems they are more likely to have morning headaches and daytime sleepiness than then others.

Maurice M. Ohayon, a physician at Stanford University School of Medicine suggests physicians should "consider teeth grinding as a signal of other more serious problems." Potential solutions to the problem are oral surgery or fitting patients with mouth guards. Mouth guards interfere by stopping the symptoms but don't address the causes of teeth grinding.

While Ohayon's study doesn't pinpoint the causes of bruxism it offers a combination of potential remedies including lifestyle changes for people with bruxism and therapy if anxiety or depression are noticeable. Ohayon specifically notes that training under hypnosis can help clients to more effectively calm and soothe themselves to reduce the tensions that inspire teeth grinding.

This bruxism hypnosis script provides the kind of hypnosis training Ohayon suggests. We know that hypnosis makes learning quicker and more direct. By reducing 'static' surrounding the signal hypnosis helps the unlearning or re-learning of habits, patterns, and reactions. Therefore hypnosis adapts to all behavior modification techniques.

While current research hasn't been able to pinpoint a cause this hypnosis script for living with bruxism includes pinpointing using revivification. Using suggestion and visualization clients relive previous events under hypnosis. In this state, all memories both conscious and unconscious are available. By suggesting different years, months, and dates earlier ages can be reached via hypnosis.

This bruxism hypnosis script in essence returns to the earlier time and place in their life as a result of hypnotic suggestion. Pinpointing techniques are related to Freud's assertion that neurotic symptoms are a result of amnesia or the inability to remember certain past experiences. This hypnosis script for relaxing with bruxism addresses the underlying issue described as 'biting their tongue,' or having their wishes, feelings, or opinions invalidated that are often underlying causes of bruxism.

This allows this hypnosis script to help clients to relax with the problem, using revivification to pinpoint and transform the causal events by 'conversing' with the subconscious mind. This bruxism hypnosis script uses ideomotor signalling to establish complete communication with the unconscious mind once trance is induced. While this can be accomplished directly or indirectly, this bruxism hypnosis script favors direct suggestions.

Direct suggestions or requests for signals of 'yes' and 'no' are more effective in being certain the conscious and subconscious minds are in communication.

Direct suggestions and external positive reinforcement enhance this hypnosis script's ability to help clients to relax with symptoms of bruxism.

By engaging clients in positive visualization after transforming pinpointed causes this hypnosis script has the potential to alleviate bruxism with the least possible invasion of the client's life requiring no surgery, no plastic or rubber mouth guard fittings, and resolving deeper issues of anxiety and tension.

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