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Bladder Control Relaxation 2 Hypnosis Script

Bladder Control Relaxation 2
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Bladder Control Relaxation 2

Bladder control problems affect more than 15 million American women and 200 million people worldwide. Symptoms increase for both the sexes with aging. What is most remarkable is that of these millions few seek treatment. Despite World Health Organization findings that incontinence is not an inevitable aspect of aging most people prefer to believe it's a 'normal' part of life as an excuse to keep their problem secret. The phenomenon is poorly understood especially in the absence of physical conditions that would explain the symptoms.

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Some potential factors for bladder issues are nervous disorders, medical conditions that affect the bladder, and aging. Some experts suggest bladder control issues arise spontaneously from obscure or unknown causes. While others suggest that post-menopause hormone changes may exacerbate the development of bladder control conditions in women. In other words no one knows for certain.

As with many conditions that are poorly understood psychological factors are suspected. Since hypnosis has a demonstrable effect on central and automatic nervous system it has the potential to offer relief from the constant fear and anxiety that permeates the sufferers lives. There are two basic types of midlife bladder control issues physical dysfunction and stress incontinence, a cough or sneeze with urine loss with an abrupt desire to void. This is the most common cause of bladder control issues such as leakage and urgency.

There has been little progress developing effective treatments for bladder control issues. Treatment begins with ruling out obvious causes, such as urinary infection the side effect of medications. Traditional treatments usually fall into three categories: surgery, medication, and behavioral therapy. The first-line treatment for bladder control issues is pelvic floor exercise which range from 20% to 80% success.

This bladder control hypnosis script engages the subconscious knowledge of the way the body systems interact to promote ease of function. Hypnosis connects the conscious mind to the subconscious easing the responsibility for the voiding functions to automatic systems. This bladder control script encourages client's to 'get out of their own way' and allow the natural body processes to work as designed.

Treatment programs should recognize the overriding fear of leakage, odour, and the resulting embarrassment that takes a toll on people's everyday lives. Patients often find themselves organizing their whole life around a variety of coping strategies. Bladder control issues can prevent both men and women from living fully and normally.

This bladder control hypnosis script addresses accumulated fear, anxiety, and self-disgust related to bladder control issues. Many internalize the consequences of the disorder as a sign of incompetence or a return to infancy. This is why this hypnosis script engages age regressions to pinpoint the causal event that tripped the development of the bladder control issues in the first place. By identifying the cause of the issues from the root this hypnosis script has the potential to help clients relax with shaming bladder control issues.

Using age regression this script leads clients to resolve earlier misunderstandings or mixed signals that influence their behavior to this day. This script activates not only age regression to resolve bladder control issues but also engages a nice metaphor designed to promote the unconscious unfolding of insight. Hypnosis has been demonstrated to successfully quell fear and anxiety. Those who suffer bladder control issues may eventually refuse to stray far from home or their familiar surroundings where toilets may be hard to find or reach in time. This can inevitably led to isolation and depression. As can the dark and baggy clothes some people use to camouflage accidents or pads. Because bladder issues are so intimately intertwined with sexuality and self-concept this hypnosis script can be a vital aid to help restore not only control of the bladder but self-image as well.

Please note: this session is intended for relaxation purposes only. It is not a medical or therapeutic device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition or disease.

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