Stop Sniffing for Adults Hypnosis Script

 By Leslie Riopel ACHT MA Psychology
Stop Sniffing for Adults

For most of us, sniffing is a normal response to pleasant or unpleasant odours and is an essential survival function. We also sniff more when we have a cold, flu or runny nose.

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However, excessive sniffing can be troublesome and annoying, not only for the sufferer but for those around them and people who are sensitive to sound can become extremely intolerant or irate.

Your client will know if their sniffing habit has become excessive because others will comment on it. Although they are also aware themselves of their sniffing, they usually feel unable to stop. At this stage, sniffing may have become a nervous habit or a conditioned response and the sniffer usually decides to do something about it.

Because sniffing has become a habitual or conditioned response, hypnosis is the ideal choice of method to help the sufferer to stop sniffing. Habits become established in the subconscious mind and hypnosis helps by allowing suggestions to bypass the conscious, thinking mind and communicate directly with the subconscious, teaching it new ways of reacting to old situations by establishing more appropriate and desirable responses.

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