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Fear of Rejection Hypnosis Script

Fear of Rejection
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Fear of Rejection

Fear of rejection is the irrational fear that no one will accept you for who you truly are. That includes how you think, feel, behave, make decisions - the list is endless.

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Not only can fear of rejection influence behavior and interactions with others, but it can also profoundly affect self-perception. Fear of rejection can become a state of mind that inhibits people from saying or doing things that might cause rejection or disapproval from others.

Individuals who are dependent on the approval of others in order to feel good about themselves will be ruled by the whims of others. Some people can be so entangled in their need to be accepted that they cast off their own identity in the process.

Those that function from a fear of rejection lack assertiveness. These are people who will not speak up to others especially if their opinions differ. Since they will often do whatever anyone else wants those who fear rejection miss out on truly appreciating their own sense of self.

Because they are 'programmed' to function exactly as others do, even against their will or better judgment, these individuals may depend on passive aggressive behavior to achieve their own ends.

Like most 'partially understood' issues attributed to the subconscious, hypnosis has been found effective for reducing a fear of rejection.
Hypnotic World offers a clear and direct fear of rejection hypnosis script. This script combines proven techniques such as relaxation, regression, storytelling, and visualization to re-calibrate your client's ability to live without fear of rejection.

The first element of this hypnosis script for fear of rejection engages visualization to help clients conjure up a safe and comfortable emotional climate. One of the benefits of the hypnotic state is emotional detachment. The multi-sensory visualization in this fear of rejection hypnosis script activates many streams of sensory input simultaneously fully engaging the client in the process. Using visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic cues clients establish a 'safe place' retreat within.

This script then engages the subconscious in metaphoric storytelling. Metaphors are useful for sneaking otherwise alarming or controversial ideas or concepts into the subconscious in a non-threatening manner. Trance allows communication directly with the subconscious opening access to all the memories, information, and experience stored there.

This fear of rejection hypnosis script combines metaphor with indirect suggestions. Indirect and permissive suggestions are more effective. Indirect suggestions enhance rather than challenge the need for control. The creative nature of the metaphor in this fear of rejection hypnosis script stimulates subconscious insight. The metaphor reframes the situation to the client's subconscious in an acceptable format. This inspires cooperation rather than resistance, which in turn leads to solutions rather than further repression and fear of rejection.

By speaking to the subconscious in the language of symbol this fear of rejection hypnosis script has the potential to release your client from long time bondage to the desires and opinions of others. This combination of powerful techniques has the potential to reduce the fear of rejection quickly and efficiently. While any one of these approaches might do the job this script intertwines a number of hypnotic skills and approaches to offer your clients the greatest potential benefit.

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