Fear of Insects Hypnosis Script

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Fear of Insects

Entomophobia or insectophobia as it is sometimes called is an abnormal fear of insects which can include all "bug" forms from spiders and worms, to flies and bees.

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There is a wide spectrum of reactions to the fear stimuli. Some people are only disturbed while others react in a full blown panic attack at the sight of a bug.

This irrational fear may be a result of a previous fear based experience involving some form of insect.

A true insect phobia experiences a persistent fear of and irrational need to avoid insects at all costs.

This fear seems to be a phobia of "affluence" most likely surfacing in hygienically urbanized western societies where people have little first-hand experience of insects. Urban dwellers are not as prepared for insect encounters as those in rural communities generally are.

The fear itself doesn't seem all that unreasonable considering the danger and annoyance insects cause. Bites and stings to humans result in an ingrained fear of insects in most societies. Fear of insects can therefore be rationalized in all of us as a form of conditioned over-reaction.

One case study discovered how a little girl's fear of insects was the result of being told that her sister who died of pneumonia had caught "a bug."

The choice of insects as the phobic object may be random, symbolic, or perfectly logical. When symbolic the insects often represent filth and soiling. Bugs or insects have also been interpreted as symbols of sexual penetration.

An abnormal and persistent fear of insects is described as a phobia. Phobias usually mean the individual goes out of their way to avoid situations where they might face insects and panic. Phobias are commonly treated through hypnosis reducing fear and anxiety quickly and effortlessly. Since insects are potentially anywhere outside it's necessary to get free from this phobias to live fully.

Hypnotic World's hypnosis script for fear of insects uses a combination of direct and indirect suggestions. The need for this group to alleviate fear benefits from indirect and permissive suggestions. Indirect suggestions enhance rather than challenge the patient's need for control. This script also engages the senses through visualization of a comfortable controllable nature scene.

The indirect therapeutic suggestions are aimed at providing a safe and comfortable environment to enable the client to really appreciate the true beauty of the nature around them. Indirect suggestions also help to restructure the client's attitude toward insects and help them come to terms with subconscious memories of negative experiences.

This Fear of Insects hypnosis script also engages positive visualizations designed to associate insects with pleasant memories to increase the individuals' comfort level. The imagery of beautiful engaging nature of their own design offers clients a visual way to influence changes to the subconscious. On a different scale the inviting nature imagery of this Fear of Insects hypnosis script is also engaged to improve awareness and perception of nature overall.

More general suggestions in this Fear of Insects hypnosis script inspire the client to feel better and better every day enhancing their sense of the world they are a part of. This hypnosis script also uses positive post-hypnotic suggestions for staying relaxed and seeing the positive aspects of nature.

The script uses the direct access to the subconscious to help clients overcome their resistance and change their ideas. The underlying emotional conflicts that contribute to the development of fear of insects are subjective. The general goal of this hypnosis script is to help clients develop feelings of control over their thoughts and reactions.

This Fear of Insects hypnosis script also engages the subconscious in a visualization by engaging in client created safe nature environments. This allows clients to overcome years of conditioned subconscious alarm in a non-threatening manner. Hypnosis is an effective method for treating fear of insects enabling clients to experience success quickly and without complication.

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