Fear of Injections Hypnosis Script

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Fear of Injections

More than fifteen million American adults get panicky and weak even thinking of getting a shot. For many people the fear is so overwhelming they have mini anxiety attacks that sometimes induce fainting. It is suspected that three and a half million people in the US have refused necessary medical treatments or tests because of their fear of needles.

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The Adult Dental Health Survey of the UK stated that eight percent of those who responded reported a fear of injections.

This is one of those rare phobias that 'make sense' even to those not afflicted by the phobia. There are few who invite others to stab them with a sharp metal point.

The fear of injections ratchets up when the injection is oral; for a dental procedure. Almost one in twenty respondents surveyed expressed fear of oral injections. Fear of dental injections drives many to avoid, cancel, or be a no show at dental appointments.
The level or symptoms of fear differ from one person to another. Some people may only be afraid of dental injections in particular, while others are phobic about any sort of needle. Some people are phobic enough to avoid injections at the cost of their health and sometimes their life.

Most needle phobics have experienced a bad injection from a doctor or nurse as a child, although the fear can surface in later life. Being reticent or careful around needles is simply commons sense. When the fear becomes overwhelming enough to prevent people from being immunized or seeking treatment for life-threatening issues it is a problem.

Hypnotic World's fear of injections hypnosis script takes a direct line to resolve the problem. The very nature of hypnosis has all the potential to resolve the fear of injections. Because the fear of injections is really a fear of pain at the injection site, hypnosis is a perfect solution.

Hypnosis researcher and pioneer Dr. William Kroger states that although "hypnosis will never be a substitute for chemical anesthesia it has been accepted as a valuable therapeutic adjunct to facilitate chemical anesthesia." Throughout history and the development of hypnosis doctors and therapists have used hypnosis alone as an anesthetic during emergencies. In the mid-1800's a doctor and hypnotic innovator in Scotland named Baird was one of only two doctors at the time who used 'anesthesia' to numb his surgical patients. The form of the anesthesia was hypnotic anesthesia.

This fear of injection hypnosis script goes straight to a solution by using hypnotic training to teach clients to use self-hypnosis to anesthetize themselves before an injection. In addition to diminishing fear and anxiety, hypnosis is a potential form of short term anesthetic. And yes while it has been used historically during surgical applications and more recently during natural childbirth no one is suggesting open heart surgery with only hypnotic anesthesia.

This fear of injection script uses the benefits of the hypnotic trance to instruct clients about how to engage hypnotic anesthetic temporarily for the area and duration of their pending shot. Rather than groping around in the vast reaches of the subconscious this fear of injection hypnosis script offers a meaningful, positive application of post-hypnotic suggestion. The benefits of instruction or 'training' your client to engage pinpoint anaesthetic to the injection site during hypnosis enhances the client's compliance with directives.

Pain relaxation through hypnosis is a fairly common application of the benefits of hypnosis in action. This fear of injections script focuses that ability to relax during pain for the specific purpose of enabling a client to seek necessary medical treatment without panic.

This fear of injection hypnosis script exploits the potential power of post-hypnotic suggestions and conditioning. The suggestions given during hypnosis provide the stimuli for the client to carry out a specific set of actions under specific circumstances. This applies posthypnotic phenomena to a useful end. Unlike conditioned reflexes, posthypnotic phenomena are learned extremely quickly. In addition posthypnotic phenomenon also last longer. This masterful Fear of Injections hypnosis script gives your client an array of tools to use of self-induced visualized spot anesthesia for injections over and over again. This provides them with the skills to manage their fears while maintaining their health and well-being.

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