Fear of Heights or Bridges Hypnosis Script

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Fear of Heights or Bridges

Vertigo, otherwise known as fear of heights is a common phobia, as is the fear of crossing bridges. Experts say the fear of heights or open spaces is often related to a bridge phobia. Some people suffer from one or the other while others struggle with both. The symptoms of both have similar characteristics.

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They both inspire feelings of panic that sufferers go to great lengths to avoid, even if that means the end of normal routines. Founder of the New York State Psychiatric Institute's, Anxiety Disorders Clinic Dr. Liebowitz, says ''It's not an isolated phobia, but usually part of a larger constellation.''

Gephyrophobia, or fear of bridges is Greek, gephyra for bridge and phobos for fear. Sufferers of these phobias experience undue anxiety even though they understand intellectually that their fear is irrational. Bridges high above lakes or rivers can be especially difficult just as very long or narrow bridges can. There are no exact figures to identify how many people suffer from the disorder.

Some people seem to have greater difficulty managing bridges on foot no matter if it's a simple overpass or rope bridge over a steep gorge. The Tappan Zee Bridge which rises one hundred and fifty feet above the Hudson River is a driving bridge that seems to inspire a particularly wide spread panic. A reluctant driver can arrange in advance to be driven across the bridge in his or her car by a patrol operator with the Bridge Authority. They receive about a half dozen or so requests each year.

Similar contingencies are in place around the country where landmark bridges are a potential obstacle. San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Authority dispatches tow trucks to pull panicked drivers safely to the other side. Michigan's Mackinac Bridge provides a service similar to that at Tappan Zee, New York.

Like most 'partially understood' issues attributed to the subconscious, hypnosis has been found effective for reducing a fear of heights and bridges. Hypnotic World offers a clear and direct fear of heights and fear of bridges hypnosis script. This script combines proven techniques such as relaxation, regression, ideomotor signalling, and hypnotic training to recalibrate your client's reaction to heights or bridges.

The first phase of this fear of heights hypnosis script describes the situation directly to the subconscious in clear language. The greatest benefit of the hypnotic state is the seemingly unlimited access to the subconscious. In an effort to clear up any misunderstanding this script takes a few moments to summarize or recap the effects of fear of heights or bridges. Although clients may have heard the information and processed it intellectually, the knowledge has obviously not passed into subconscious knowing. Otherwise it wouldn't be happening.

The next element of this hypnosis script designed to reduce a fear of bridges engages regression to help clients conjure up their emotional climate during an incident. One of the benefits of the hypnotic state is emotional detachment. This detachment or dissociation is a form of separation from oneself and one's immediate environment. It's been described as a state in which one can "see" oneself.

The hypnotic trance enables a subject can 'step away' from himself or herself and visualize their situation from another perspective. Dissociation reduces the impact of the emotions. Via suggestion, this hypnosis script for reducing a fear of heights separates the individual from the immediacy and impact of the emotions so they can act as 'impartial,' unbiased observers of their own drama.

Once the emotional climate of an incident is recreated this script draws clients through time and space to the formative experience of fright or unease that triggered the unconscious development of these fears.

Under most circumstances the simple updated knowledge of this situation and how it came to be may just wipe out the fear.

Another aspect of this hypnosis script for fear of heights or fear of bridges is the use of anchoring to reinforce the learning taking place under hypnosis. By using ideomotor reinforcement this anchoring takes on additional power to help clients control their fears. This script is exponentially strengthened by tying ideomotor response to the anchor while using hypnotic training. This provides you with the power to help resolve your client's fears of heights or bridges with efficiency and thoroughness.

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