Fear of Germs Hypnosis Script

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Fear of Germs

Some articles suggest that we of the Western World are obsessed with cleanliness to a point of absurdity. There seems to be no point at which we can feel comfortable in our own skins for more than a few hours without a shower. We have 'sanitary' office supplies like germ-resistant highlighters and scissors. Not too many years ago the only places that had hand-sanitizing gel was hospitals. The hand sanitizer industry has experienced a $67.3 million dollar increase in sales. They fly off the store shelves.

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Mysophobia is pathological fear of contact with dirt, contamination, and germs. This phobia is sometimes also referred to as germophobia; a combination of germ and phobia. Mysophobia has been related to the OCD manifestation of repeated hand washing. However while fear of dirt underlies the compulsion, hand washing OCD is ultimately not about germs and is therefore a separate situation from true mysophobia.

Under closer examination this germ phobia may suggests a deep distrust of our bodies. Those affected by mysophobia may find themselves scouring and scrubbing in an attempt to diminish their fear and anxiety. The cleaning and obsessing is an attempt to reclaim control over a hostile environment.

Because they never seem to feel clean enough all the scrubbing and scouring only stokes the anxiety of the truly mysophobe. Their obsession may be sabotaging their physical health. Our bodies learn to fight germs by absorbing them from the environment and creating defensive strategies. By over-sanitizing this biological process is undermined. Overuse and misuse of cleaning products may directly expose individuals to toxic chemicals.

Director of The American Institute for Cognitive Therapy Robert Leahy suggests that being the most sparkling person in the room confers moral superiority. After all, cleanliness is next to Godliness. But those preoccupied with cleaning are struggling with an excess of anxiety. Cleaning is the first-line-of-defense activity for the anxious. People resort to cleaning in a futile attempt to calm themselves simply because they can. But in reality the physical act of cleaning is stand-in for dealing with those unwanted thoughts and feelings.

Hypnotic World offers an effective fear of germs hypnosis script that can help clients of all ages and backgrounds. This hypnosis script addresses both categories of suggestibility described by expert, Dr. John Kappas. His delineations of emotional suggestibility and physical suggestibility make this script capable of addressing all aspects of the subconscious successfully.

According to Kappas suggestibility is learned from the mother between the birth and about eight years old. Emotionally suggestible people don't like to be told what to do therefore when inducing hypnosis a soft, lulling maternal patter is more effective. When inducing hypnosis with physically suggestible people guide directly using a rapid, authoritarian tone to occupy their mind. This fear of germs hypnosis script engages both types of suggestions. By employing both types of suggestions for relaxation, awareness, and ease this hypnosis script can significantly reduce the fear of germs.

The 'cherry on top' of this thorough script then engages post-hypnotic suggestions and conditioning. This is "posthypnotic phenomena" in which suggestions given during hypnosis provide the stimuli for acts carried out once hypnosis is over. Unlike normal conditioned reflexes, posthypnotic phenomena do not require the extreme amount of repetition normal conditioning does to develop a new way of responding to stimuli.

In addition posthypnotic phenomenon is generally considered to last longer than traditional conditioning results. That makes this fear of germs script unbeatable for reducing fear and replacing it with relaxed confidence.

This successful hypnotic script for reducing a fear of germs first establishes a single belief through direct suggestion then builds on additional small beliefs one after another using clear direct suggestions. Eventually the cumulative beliefs override the 'cross checking' or validation system of the critical mind allowing your client to become self-confident and assured.

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