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Fear of Failure Hypnosis Script

Fear of Failure
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Fear of Failure

A fear of failure, or atychiphobia, is a fear that prevents the sufferer from experiencing and enjoying key aspects of their life.

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Concentrating on the fear of failing can prevents positive action from being taken. Even when it is suppressed long enough to allow us to try, subconscious programming can drive us to undermine our own efforts and so we fail. Thus the epitome of a self-fulfilling prophecy. This explains why many experts have linked a fear of failure with a fear of success.

A fear of failure can be linked to triggers earlier in life, such as demeaning parents or traumatic instances of embarrassment or failure. Over time, fear builds as childhood failures and mis-steps add up. The fact that our culture constantly presents alleged examples of a supposedly achievable perfection in looks, relationships, or careers in magazines, television, and in films, exacerbates this problem. Although 'perfection' is illusory, individuals who suffer from atychiphobia are afraid to even throw their hat into the ring to try unless their success or perfection is assured.

Trial-and-error is the primary means of solving life's problems. Yet those who are afraid to fail often refuse to even try. They mistakenly believe that all unexpected results are wrong or harmful instead of viewing them as helpful and necessary for learning.

Hypnosis for a Fear of Failure

To successfully overcome a fear of failure, we must look inside ourselves and learn to develop. Hypnosis is the perfect method for turning within. It is through the wonderful capabilities of the subconscious that hypnosis can help resolve the fear of failure. Hypnotic World offers a script that specifically addresses this fear. This advanced hypnosis script helps clients to manage unwanted thoughts leading to the fear.

The script uses the direct access to the subconscious available during hypnosis to suggest ideas designed to help clients stop and manage the unwanted fear that exists in their subconscious. The general goal of this script is to help clients to develop feelings of control or even mastery over their thoughts and actions.

How this Script Helps

Hypnotic World's Fear of Failure Hypnosis Script uses the properties of the hypnotic state to re-educate the subconscious. Doing this under hypnosis allows clients to review the consequences of their fear of failure from a detached, objective point of view. It becomes much easier for the individual to regain or re-establish control even in anxiety-causing situations. This script reaches directly to the subconscious, providing an opportunity to inform the mind as to the true nature and value of trial-and-error without fear and defensiveness.

We know that hypnosis makes learning quicker and more direct. By reducing 'static' surrounding the signal, hypnosis helps the unlearning or re-learning of misconceptions developed in childhood before people were able to fully understand the way things work. This hypnosis script helps clients to reduce their fear of failure by 'conversing' with the subconscious mind to educate and inform, to transform beliefs about the nature of failure.

This hypnosis script employs visualization to create a new openness to opportunities and calculated risks. After laying the initial groundwork this script goes on to engage the client in hypnotic training. This is a form of teaching or training that reaches directly into the subconscious mind.

By using positive visualization after transforming the client's understanding of the nature and reason for failure, this script can help clients to overcome a fear of failure with the least possible invasion of their life.

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