Fear of Escalators Hypnosis Script

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Fear of Escalators
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Do your clients feel panicky at the thought of using an escalator?

If they avoid escalators to the point where they will use any alternate method of transportation they could be suffering from Escalaphobia.

If you watch, in a busy mall or subway (shopping centre, underground, metro, etc.), you will probably be surprised at how many people are using the stairs or elevators - indicating that this fear is far more prevalent that you and your clients might have originally thought.

The phobia may arise after an uncomfortable thought or experience, perhaps about an item of clothing being stuck in the mechanism or the sense of depth while going down or even after hearing about something negative happening to someone else.

The more your clients avoid using an escalator the more ingrained this fear can become - so how to confront a fear without the feelings of panic?

How hypnosis helps

This Fear of Escalators hypnosis session will help your clients to identify and deal with the cause of their fear during a safe state of heightened relaxation and release any negative feelings that they have about this mode of transportation.

Dealing with the fear in this way will ensure that your clients do not substitute it for another phobia.

This is followed by a guided visualization and positive suggestions to ensure that your client's next and subsequent escalator travels will be comfortable and enjoyable.

Download this Fear of Escalators script today and help to make your client's shopping and travel a more pleasurable experience.

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