Fear of Driving Hypnosis Script

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Fear of Driving

Lola Masterson had been a confident driver until one day she developed a terror of being behind the wheel. Her reaction, her growing fear was so severe she was eventually forced to give up her job. While some people claim to be, 'born to drive,' others face the idea with terror. Fear of driving can hold people back from countless opportunities.

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Phobias are often triggered by something completely unrelated to roads, driving, or cars. The connection can be as thin as, the day the panic and anxiety was at its zenith you spent a lot of time stuck in traffic jams compounding your mounting anxiety. Some people will re-live the anxiety every time they consider getting in a car.

The precise nature of the fear of driving is difficult to define. The physiological effects of driving on our bodies may have some connection to how the overwhelming anxiety becomes entwined with the act of driving. Under acceleration certain nerves and muscles are instantly engaged. A large collection of unrelated chemical signals travel through the body simultaneously. When these signals are processed by the central nervous system they are translated into emotional experiences. For some the physiological effects can be crossed with fear.

As with most disorders that are 'not clearly understood,' hypnosis can be an excellent method of regaining control of runaway fear. That's why Hypnotic World has a specialized hypnosis script to help clients to overcome their fear of driving. This hypnosis script uses the simplest technique in the world for reducing a fear of driving. By updating the subconscious this hypnosis script is aimed at removing unwanted fear. By teaching or training the mind during the hypnotic state all information is locked in the subconscious for good.

This hypnosis script helps clients retake control of their thoughts. Learning under hypnosis can have a powerful effect on behavior. Hypnosis amplifies the rate at which learning occurs. This fear of driving hypnosis script unravels the foundations of conditioned reflexes. Then the script updates the feedback loop to transform existing thought patterns.

Another aspect of this fear of driving hypnosis script is the use of anchoring to reinforce the learning taking place under hypnosis. By using ideomotor reinforcement this anchoring takes on additional power to help clients control their anxiety. This script is exponentially strengthened by tying an ideomotor response to the anchor while using hypnotic training. This provides you with the power to help resolve your client's fear of driving issues.

A hypnotic anchor is an association to any memory. This fear of driving hypnosis script activates hypnotic anchors using all representational systems; sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. When applying a hypnotic anchor, the greater number of senses engaged, the stronger the anchor becomes, and the harder it becomes to falsely trigger. Therefore this fear of driving hypnosis script uses a kinaesthetic ideomotor response in tandem with the mental anchor.

Practice is also essential. That's why this fear of driving hypnosis script also employs mental rehearsal. Visualizing practice events gives clients the experience of success. This is the same conditioning method that many professional athletes use to mentally 'rehearse' game moves and actions to perfect their skills.

This fear of driving hypnosis script mirrors the way behavioral therapy inures clients to experiences by creating a subconscious familiarity the situation through hypnotic practice. This subconscious familiarity diminishes the usual anxiety or panic reaction giving clients the freedom they need to reach for their dreams. This successful hypnotic script for overcoming a fear of driving first establishes a single belief through direct suggestion then builds on additional small beliefs one after another using clear direct suggestions. Eventually the cumulative beliefs override the 'cross checking' or validation system of the critical mind allowing your client to become self-confident and assured.

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