Fear of Inserting Contact Lenses Hypnosis Script

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Fear of Inserting Contact Lenses

Inserting contact lenses may take some practice at first but can become easy, except for those who can't master the technique because of a persistent and irrational fear of inserting the contact lenses into the eyes. There is a biological resistance to objects hovering in the peripheral vision, let alone a big index finger poking right on the cornea. It's no wonder many people struggle in vain to wrestle this natural reaction down so they can comfortably wear contact lenses.

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For those in certain careers or professions glasses can be dangerous. Fighting fires, flying planes, and military combat are just a few of the places where eye glasses can pose a potential extra element of danger. For others it's just the inconvenience of glasses slipping or lenses fogging that inspire the desire for contacts. For others wearing contacts instead of glasses may be necessary for other reasons. We rarely see a Broadway musical chanteuse sporting clunky real life frames on stage. Try climbing Everest with your lenses fogging and icing with every breath.

Hypnotic World offers a hypnosis script designed to help resolve client's fear of inserting contacts. This script uses visualization, re-conditioning, positive and negative reinforcement, and progression to provide your clients with the most successful script for helping tame the fear of inserting contact lenses.

The first step in this effective fear of inserting contacts script activates multi-sensory visualization. By engaging many streams of sensory input simultaneously this script fully engages the client in the process. Using visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic cues helps clients establish a 'safe place' retreat within.

After clients retreat to their safe place this script uses the opportunity of direct communication with the subconscious to re-condition the client's natural blink response. The blink response can be thought of as semi-voluntary. The urge to protect the eye isn't completely involuntary because we can also shut our eyes in voluntary response to stimuli. This script educates and informs the subconscious as to how the system works, about how safe contacts are these days, and about how simple and easy the process of putting them in can be.

Next this fear of inserting contacts hypnosis script uses both positive and negative reinforcement. The positive reinforcement is all focused on the benefits and freedom of wearing contact lenses. Positive suggestions that describe contacts as "so comfortable that once they are on your eyes it's easy to forget they're there." The negative reinforcement is aimed at the idea of glasses wearing by pointing out all the flaws and inconveniences of wearing glasses. "Glasses can pinch behind the ears or between the eyes." This combination then puts dual pressure on the subconscious to reconsider the benefits and drawbacks of the two ideas.

Another element of this hypnosis script for fear of inserting contact lenses is the opposite of age regression or age progression. The subconscious is not limited by time and space and just as we can travel back to a specific pinpoint record of a childhood event in hypnosis, we can also move 'forward' in time.

By visualizing the progression of change in habit, in how the client lives regarding the new addition, and how they feel about themselves this script helps build a desired change in habit forward. How often have we wished we could go back and explain something to our younger selves - tell a younger us to not take it all so seriously or not to stress so much for approval? Age progression under hypnosis offers that opportunity. We connect with a 'future self' that is living with the issue resolved. The selective nature of the subconscious mind while under hypnosis allows for information to be written 'directly on the hard drive' of your mind's computer.

This combination of powerful techniques has the potential to reduce the fear or resistance to inserting contact lenses quickly and efficiently. While any one of these approaches might do the job this script intertwines a number of hypnotic skills and approaches to offer your clients the greatest potential benefit.

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