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Fear of Cats Hypnosis Script

Fear of Cats
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Fear of Cats

Is fear of cats taking a significant toll on your day to day life? Does the mere thought of a cat or cats make you ill or dizzy? Does your heart start pounding as your legs go slack? Is it suddenly harder to breathe if a cat enters the room?

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An abnormal or seemingly irrational fear of cats that persists over time can be described as a phobia. The medical term for fear of cats is officially ailurophobia from the Greek ailouros for cat and phobos for fear. Sufferers may not simply fear injury by being scratched or bitten but may also be swayed by the supernatural aura surrounding cats in general. For example the association of cats with Halloween as cursed or dangerous, or viewing them as sadistic or sneaky may influence the growth of a fear or phobia of cats. There are countless stories and rhymes that associate cats with evil, witchcraft, or black magic. In addition people mistakenly assume that cats intentionally torment individuals that are afraid of them.

Cats can be irresistibly drawn to those that fear them. Because the ailurophobe doesn't stare at, try to pet, pick up, or engage them, cats gravitate toward them. The cat will often head directly for the unfortunate individual because their inattention puts the cat at ease. In extreme cases the individual will refuse to leave the house out of fear of running into a cat. For others even seeing a cat on television or in a movie may induce anxiety symptoms.

History has presented a number of somewhat infamous figures as well-known ailurophobes. The list spans history with such warriors and leaders as Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini.

The symptoms of ailurophobia can include intense fear, sweating, heart palpitations, nausea, dizziness, ringing in the ears and tightness in the throat or chest. Like all phobias fear of cats is the result of excess triggering of the biological fight-or-flight chemicals in relationship to cats. For example having being bitten, scratched, or frightened by a cat in early childhood. Often people can't even remember the experience that triggered the phobia, but their subconscious will still respond to cats by releasing adrenaline and other physical symptoms of fear. Ailurophobia may also be transmitted if a child sees a trusted adult, like a parent reacting fearfully to a cat.

The Hypnotic World script for releasing fear of cats resolves the issue first by re-educating. By informing the subconscious mind about nature, the way fear operates chemically in the body. By explaining how the system is supposed to operate the client comes to understand that their fear is nothing more than a malfunction that not only doesn't serve them but interrupts the lives.

This fear of cats hypnosis script is designed to effectively clear confusion by directly teaching through the subconscious. An informed subject is able to realign their conscious and subconscious beliefs into harmony. Simply by explaining how the mind works and how and why such erroneous ideas have become conditioned tends to break through the clouds of confusion.
Next, this Fear of Cats hypnosis script engages a combination of regression and progression. This combination is a viable tool for alleviating neurotic pattern behavior that is a result of a particular set of circumstances. Because of the additional level of awareness available in the hypnotic state hypnosis can be markedly effective for determining the initial causes of neurotic strategies that have been developed to fend off specific emotional states. The vividness and liveliness of events remembered in the hypnotic state is most effective for pin-pointing or locating the precipitating factors and circumstances under which the neurotic strategy was originally developed.

This hypnosis scripts for alleviating fear of cats can be particularly effective because it addresses the awareness trapped "below the level of consciousness." This hypnosis script quickly and efficiently reveals the cause of reactions to discover why an individual opted to engage this pattern.

Once the cause has been identified and brought to conscious awareness it is reduced. Therefore this Fear of Cats hypnosis script depends on re-living or remembering events presumed forgotten. Clients are empowered to make conscious, 'adult' choices regarding their behavior rather than reacting out of established habit.

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