Fear of Blood Tests Hypnosis Script

 By Faith Waude DHP Acc.Hyp
Fear of Blood Tests
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Is a fear of blood tests (hemaphobia)preventing your client from attending routine check ups?

Most of us will require blood-tests to be taken at various stages of life and although not a particularly pleasant experience, we generally go through the process without too much bother.

However people with hemaphobia will often avoid tests to the detriment of their health which means potential problems cannot be detected and treated.

Usually there will be an early life episode of a blood test or injection that didn't go quite as planned; unfortunately this can lead to a life-long fear and avoidance pattern.

It's often a good idea for clients to face their fears so that they are better equipped to deal with them and this Fear of Blood hypnosis script uses a regression to cause approach combined with Inner Child Therapy.

Once the fear has been released, clients will then need a coping strategy which the script supplies in the form of future-pacing, setting down new neural networks, positive suggestions and guided imagery, allowing your client to eliminate all unwanted, negative feelings associated with blood tests.

Please note: this session is intended for relaxation purposes only. It is not a medical or therapeutic device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition or disease.

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