Fear of Anaesthesia Hypnosis Script

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Fear of Anaesthesia

In his article in The Lancet (Nov. 15, 2003) David Royston noted that surgical patients "continue to express concerns about their safety, outcome, and comfort... patients often considers anesthesia as the intervention with the greatest risk. Many still worry that they will not wake up after their surgery, or that they will be awake during the operation."

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In addition to death, patients worry about possible brain injury, remaining in a vegetative state, or regaining normal brain function after their operation. These studies also suggest that being awake or awakening during the procedure remains a concern for many people.

Most patients seem to be unwilling to express their concern or worry about their forthcoming anesthetic with their care provider instead choosing to discuss their worries with family and friends.

The anesthetist will often reassure their patients that they will be 'asleep' during their surgery and that they will not 'remember anything of the operation' which is highly debatable. While the frequency of actual awareness during surgery is less than point zero two percent of patients according to psychologist, Dr. Henry Bennett even fully anesthetized patients hear and understand every comment made during surgery no matter who's speaking.

This is an aspect of the subconscious mind which is the part activated during hypnotic trance. So while patients are actually numbed to the pain and 'asleep' for all intents and purposes under anesthesia they still hear the remarks of doctors, nurses. Although they may not 'remember' their subconscious mind will.

It is through these wonderful capabilities of the subconscious that hypnosis can help resolve the fear of waking during anesthesia. Hypnotic World offers a hypnosis script that specifically addresses fear of anesthesia. This advanced hypnosis script addresses fear of anesthesia by helping clients to manage unwanted thoughts, use mental rehearsal, hypnotic training in self-hypnosis, and visualization

The script uses the direct access to the subconscious available during hypnosis to plant ideas designed to help clients stop and manage the unwanted thoughts of fear that hover around their surgical procedure. The general goal of this hypnosis script is to help patients develop feelings of control or even mastery over their thoughts and actions.

In addition this fear of anesthesia hypnosis script takes clients thorough a mental rehearsal of their procedure. By engaging in visualization this fear of anesthesia hypnosis script etches a foundational 'memory' in the subconscious. This gives the subconscious a procedure environment that is less strange and threatening and more familiar therefore more likely successful.

While this fear of anaesthesia hypnosis script engages visualization for this practice visualization really comes into play during self-hypnosis training. So after laying the initial groundwork for a positive procedure this script goes on to engage the client in hypnotic training. This is a form of teaching or training that reaches directly into the subconscious mind where the information is stored. This is an accelerated format for instruction during which this hypnosis script teaches the client to use self-hypnosis.

It's almost amazing a single script can accomplish so much but that is the nature of the subconscious mind. The script for reducing a fear of anaesthesia literally offers the client the tools to succeed during their medical procedure. By activating self-hypnosis in preparation for their procedure clients are provided an extra insulation from potential waking. Even if by .02% of a chance their anaesthesia should fail their self-hypnosis provides a stop gap measure of security.

When clients explore self-hypnosis they master a method that can reduce a fear of anesthesia failure. Hypnosis has been demonstrated to successfully quell fear and anxiety. Those who face fear of anesthesia may eventually refuse to seek necessary medical procedures in time. This hypnosis script can be a vital aid to help restore not only control but enable clients to seek the treatment they need.

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