Fear of Fainting Hypnosis Script

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Fear of Fainting
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Are your clients overcome with a feeling that they are going to pass out at the mention or sight of blood or do they look away when the TV depicts operations taking place?

Fainting usually starts with a 'spaced out' feeling in the head as everything seems distant and unreal. If it's happened once then clients will easily recognize the symptoms a second time. In extreme cases it can also lead to contortions of the face or even screaming on coming round.

Following this can be an actual fear of fainting where sufferers avoid situations where they think it might happen again.

If your clients suffer from a fear of fainting then paradoxically this very fear could actually cause them to faint.

Most people with a fear of fainting have fainted at least once previously in their life and found the experience unpleasantly disturbing.

This is hardly surprising since the brain is suddenly deprived of its blood supply, however it is rarely associated with any serious medical disorder and the faint often lasts no longer than a minute or two (although it can seem much longer for the person who has passed out) and usually results in a complete recovery.

This hypnosis script session from Hypnotic World can help your clients to overcome a fear of fainting which in turn will lessen the chance of fainting in future.

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