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Claustrophobia Hypnosis Script

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A fireball of terror rips upwards from your belly through your chest. You scream fumbling for the door handle a state of total agitation, desperate to escape. But it's too late. You are sealed in and about to depart. Repressed claustrophobia strikes!

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From the Latin 'claustrum,' for a confined space and the Greek 'phobos,' for fear, claustrophobia is an extreme fear of confined areas such as caves, tunnels, auto-locking cars, public restrooms, elevators, even rooms with sealed windows, and especially airplanes, sometimes triggering a panic or anxiety attack. Although the disorder has probably been around much longer, an article about this anxiety disorder was published in the British Medical Journal in 1879 by a Dr B Bull of Paris.

About ten percent of the population of both sexes experience claustrophobia and report age exacerbates the problem. Some of this ten percent who experience claustrophobia are able to identify the events that triggered their initial episode. Whether a single traumatic event triggers long-term claustrophobia depends on existing stress levels, how the situation is handled, how supportive others behave, are all contributing factors to the development of claustrophobia. An individual who experiences strong fear reactions may start going out of their way to avoid people, events, or things that trigger fear. This is what separates normal fears from phobias. Fears or phobia should be treated if the behavior interferes in the individual's lifestyle or causes them to avoid something they like to wish they could participate in.

Some theories suggest that the adrenaline-generated fear and panic to run or resist naturally subside after thirty minutes or so. We are designed to use fear to prevent us from engaging in recklessly dangerous situations like walking alone in dark alleys at night. In truth fear is a natural part of life and is not necessarily bad. Fear inspires us to take common sense precautions like locking our doors or wearing safety belts. Overcoming fears or phobias is one of the most common reasons people try hypnotherapy.

Although it's not unusual for irrational fears to develop in adult years they are usually the result of repressed memories.

Claustrophobia is a physical fear reaction that tends to grow more intense as we age. Mild cases are considered those that recognize what triggers their fear and want to learn to control their reaction. This hypnosis script for managing claustrophobia includes basic post-hypnotic suggestions that will enable milder cases to learn to control their breathing rate, slow their heart beat, and regain a calm, relaxed mind state. This calm relaxed state makes it possible for them to deal with the problem.

In cases that are a result of childhood trauma most people can't even remember the original event that triggered it. But the subconscious stores all memories of all events and experiences. The subconscious never forgets.

Hypnotic World's claustrophobia script uses age regression to manage this type of case.

This powerful script allows the therapist to guide the individual back through time, back through their life experience. Once they discover the specific trigger event hypnosis allows them to review the fear event from a detached, objective point of view. It becomes much easier for the individual to regain or re-establish control even in frightening situations. This claustrophobia hypnosis script provides additional conditioning by providing a way for clients to 'practice' confronting their fear. By using visualization and imagery to engage the client in future visioning of an event he or she is able to condition themselves to control their response to the situation.

We know that hypnosis makes learning quicker and more direct. By reducing 'static' surrounding the signal hypnosis helps the unlearning or re-learning of habits, patterns, and reactions. This allows this hypnosis script to help users to overcome the problem from the root using revivification to pinpoint and transform the causal events by 'conversing' with the subconscious mind. This claustrophobia hypnosis script uses ideomotor signalling to establish complete communication with the unconscious mind once trance is induced. Whilst this can be accomplished directly or indirectly, this claustrophobia hypnosis script favors direct suggestions. Direct suggestions or requests for signals of 'yes' and 'no' are more effective in being certain the conscious and subconscious minds are in communication.

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