Agoraphobia Hypnosis Script

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Translated literally, agoraphobia means a fear of the 'marketplace'. But that fails to describe the debilitating anxiety some can experience in unfamiliar environments. The physical symptoms of a panic attack are described to be as severe as the symptoms of a heart attack. Hypnotherapy is a successful method for relieving the potential overwhelm and fear of embarrassment that agoraphobics can suffer. Numerous case studies demonstrate that hypnosis techniques help agoraphobic clients to overcome the root cause of their panic attacks.

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Some people with agoraphobia live quite normally if they are careful to avoid potentially anxiety-provoking situations. Other agoraphobia sufferers can end up homebound because of a predisposition for having panic attacks if they range beyond their comfort zone. Before being diagnosed, sufferers often build up fears that they are "losing" their mind or "going crazy" which can exacerbate the problem. It is common for symptoms to go unnoticed until a friend or family member realizes that someone is going out of their way not to leave home. These cases require professional help.

The severity of agoraphobia varies widely on a case by case basis. Hypnotic World's agoraphobia hypnosis script addresses both major issues of the phobia.

The first issue this agoraphobia hypnosis script deals with is the anticipation anxiety many experience simply from thinking about situations out of their comfort zone. This agoraphobia script is designed to help diminish symptoms of anticipation anxiety using a creative form of visualization. The goal is to reduce potential anxiety surrounding certain situations by engaging the inner imagination.

Our script takes clients on 'practice' excursions under hypnosis. Visualizing practice excursions gives clients to the experience of leaving the house or room. This is the same conditioning method that professional athletes use to mentally 'rehearse' game moves and actions to perfect their skills. A University of Chicago study determined that visualization successfully increases performance almost as effectively as actual physical work outs. The group that visualized making free throws and hour a day showed an average performance increase of twenty-three percent. The physical practice test group shot free throws for an hour a day and showed an average performance increase of twenty-four percent. That's a single percentage point difference between 'doing' and 'visualizing.' Such results are incredible.

This agoraphobia hypnosis script mirrors the way behavioral therapy incrementally increases the distance and locations the client can visit. Gradually increasing the complexity of the visualized trip outside under hypnosis builds a foundation of subconscious familiarity with places or situations. This subconscious familiarity diminishes the usual anxiety or panic reaction. The visual imagery of this agoraphobia hypnosis script gradually widens in perspective. While it starts with less confrontational situations like simply stepping outside the home or room alone the steps widen and increase to eventually include visiting a public place, or standing in a crowd.

The second issue this hypnosis script addresses is helping the agoraphobic reclaim his or her power from the panic and anxiety attacks. The simple fact is people will go to extreme lengths to avoid situations that ignite anxiety or panic. A single full scale panic attack in a public place can instil the level of fear and anxiety that leads to agoraphobia.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most efficient techniques for teaching clients to use progressive relaxation to manage stress and anxiety to keep attacks from growing. This hypnosis script uses post-hypnotic suggestions that help clients use behavior modification techniques to reduce panic or anxiety attacks. The hypnotherapy trains the subconscious mind to develop new more helpful habit reactions to the physical cues of stress, panic, and anxiety.

This agoraphobia hypnosis script approaches the problem from the root. The script first helps clients 'practice' mastery in potentially volatile activities through visualization. Then the post-hypnotic suggestions in the script help clients to successfully overcome panic and anxiety attacks. Clients quickly experience success without any complications. A successful client is irrefutable recommendation for your services and our scripts.

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