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Numbered Staircase Deepener

Numbered Staircase Deepener Script

Numbered Staircase Deepener
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This is a traditional deepener with a difference. Asking the client what number they are at helps them to verify the level of trance that has been reached.
Begin with your favorite Induction from Hypnotic World.

You're now standing at the top of a very long and beautiful staircase.

There are one hundred steps leading down, and around and although you can't see the bottom of the stairs from here, you somehow know that there is a beautiful place waiting at the bottom of the stairs, just for you.

Notice the staircase; notice the carpet if there is one; and if so, see how it is a perfect shade of your favorite color.

Or perhaps the stairs are made of marble or wood, if so then that's okay, that's alright.

On either side of the staircase is a beautiful firm bannister that makes you feel safe and secure.

The bannister is smooth and polished, and you place your hand lightly on it.

On each step are the numbers going down from a hundred and they go all the way down to zero.

And somehow you know that the deeper down you go the more comfortable and the more relaxed you will become.

And you really want to walk down those stairs and you intuitively know that each and every step down will take you into a wonderful feeling of calm and comfort and deep relaxation.

So get ready now to begin walking down the stairs, if you haven’t already started.

And you are going down and down and down, stepping deeper and deeper and deeper down into this wonderful, calm and comforting feeling.

And the deeper you go the more comfortable and relaxed you become.

You might even decide to let the stairs fade away before reaching the bottom and if you do, that’s fine because you will still know which number you’re at.

Good. You are relaxing more and more with each step down, going further and further down into comfort and relaxation.

Continue walking down as I’m quiet for a few moments.  At times you might even feel that you are floating down.

Pause for about 20 to 30 seconds occasionally repeating the words, ‘deeper and deeper’ very slowly and quietly.

Good, now bring your attention back to my voice and look down at the numbers and tell me, what number step are you on at the moment?

The client will probably be about halfway down, in which case suggest they go down deeper still.

Repeat the instructions about pausing and going deeper and periodically check the number again.

When they are close to the bottom of the stairs, i.e. they report they have reached step 15 or lower, continue with:

When you reach the bottom of the staircase, just step into a beautiful, luxurious hallway and let the stairs and the ordinary everyday world just fade away.

You are very deeply relaxed now, so very deeply and comfortably relaxed, from the top of your head, all the way down, deeper down, to the tips of the toes.

Every nerve, every cell, every fiber, every consciousness of your body is deeply and comfortably relaxed.

Now, proceed to their favorite place visualization. This could be a special room, or a door leading outside to a beautiful place in nature, or if you have used a fairly long induction and feel they have reached a deep trance, continue with suggestions for therapy.

Note for therapist:  The subject rarely sees the whole 100 stairs in the beginning; this doesn’t matter as the idea is that it allows you to monitor the level of trance they feel they have reached.
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Script feedback and questions from hypnotherapists:

Faith Waude
Faith Waude
Numbered staircase deepener
Oct 15th, 2017 20:55

Just to add, I have revised the script slightly to clarify what to expect. Hope this is better..


Faith Waude
Faith Waude
Numbered staircase deepener
Oct 15th, 2017 20:54

Hi Val, your clients aren't expected to see the whole of the staircase and if they lose their focus that's good as it means their conscious mind is already beginning to wander. The great thing about this deepener is that it lets you monitor your client's trance so that you know how deep they feel they are.


Val Bell
Val Bell
Too many stairs
Oct 13th, 2017 19:58

100 stairs to visualise and walk down is hard for client to stay focused,i use 10 stairs with great results


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