Deepen the trance state with a selection of deepeners:

Cascading Waterfall

. . . You are in a wooded slope which is home to a cascading waterfall, where the water flows across and then . . .


'Colors' is an exercise in visualization, which can be used to help deepen the trance state.

Dream Destination

Take your clients to their favorite place with this deepener by Andy Moore

Horse Deepener

Ideal for clients with a love of horses

My Best Friend

Got a difficult subject?  The most resistant of clients will find hypnosis an easy experience with the 'My Best Friend' method.

The Star

The Star is an amazing deepener that you'll be glad you had.

Numbered Staircase

Generally this allows for a deeper trance than a typical staircase script as it allows interaction between client and therapist.


The flickering flame of the candle can induce a wonderful calm feeling and is a lovely deepener.

An alternative deepener, this is especially readily acceptable for subjects with a fear of heights or in other cases when you wish to avoid the idea of a staircase.


A deepener for children and the young at heart.


Let your client feel that you're holding the strings - an excellent prelude to authoritarian suggestions.

Seven Doors

Each door represents a different aspect of your client's problem or solution.

Ski Slope

The perfect deepener for those who enjoy winter sports.


The traditional deepener which can be used with most subjects.

Stairway to Heaven
The perfect deepener for those who feel uncomfortable with going downstairs.

The Twenty Six Step Deepener

The ultimate deepener - down to Alpha

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