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Seven Doors Hypnosis Script

Seven Doors
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Seven Doors

The Seven Doors Deepener is a very powerful deepener that will take your clients into a deep hypnotic trance.

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Seven Doors Hypnosis Script
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Script Testimonials
7 doors deepener
"Just commenting on Egdas comments re: this script, sorry to keep on, but its more than powerful, most of my clients are out! before they get to the 1st door - its great, and as everyone says can be used for anything at all. Can the author write some similar ones."
Lyta Humphries  Devon, GB Verified Customer
Jan 25th, 2009
Jan 25th, 2009
Seven Doors Deepener
"I have used this with several clients now and it is fantastic. Every client has commented on how vivid and enjoyable the images were in their head and surprise at just how relaxed they felt during and after their therapy"
David Bottone  Hampshire, GB Verified Customer
Aug 15th, 2012
Aug 15th, 2012
Seven doors - deepener.
"Absolutely one of the best deepeners I have ever used, it holds my clients attention and they get really into it. Congratulations on such a lovely script."
Lyta Humphris  Devon, GB Verified Customer
Nov 21st, 2008
Nov 21st, 2008
Deepener - The Seven Doors
"I have just come across this script and I absolutely love it; I shall begin using it tomorrow! Thank you very, very much."
Monica Underwood Verified Customer
Feb 22nd, 2009
Feb 22nd, 2009
Seven Doors
"I've used it a few times - it's lovely to use and my clients like is aswell."
Julie Robson Verified Customer
Oct 25th, 2011
Oct 25th, 2011
7 Doors Deepener
"Fantastic deepener, even more so for clients who are spiritually aware."
Mrs R A Boulton Verified Customer
Mar 4th, 2009
Mar 4th, 2009
7 Door Deeper
"I've used this a couple of times and find it extremely useful and relaxing"
PA Bower Verified Customer
Dec 24th, 2008
Dec 24th, 2008
"SPLENDID, Vibrant, engaging script."
Ned Tkalcevic  Victoria, AU Verified Customer
Aug 12th, 2012
Aug 12th, 2012
Brooke Baraz CHT Verified Customer
May 5th, 2020
May 5th, 2020
Debbie Kinch BSYA (CUR Hyp)  Buckinghamshire, GB Verified Customer
Jan 19th, 2017
Jan 19th, 2017
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