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Got a difficult subject? The most resistant of clients will find hypnosis an easy experience with the 'My Best Friend' method.


This deepener is a variation of Milton Erickson's "My Friend John" method which works well for resistant subjects as most people like to help others or show them what to do; consequently the subject, in showing their best friend how to go into trance will often follow the example.
Begin with your favorite children's induction from Hypnotic World.

See that chair over there? I'd like you to imagine that your best friend is sitting there, wanting to be hypnotized, and that you're the one who is going to show your friend how to do it.

So form an awareness of how your friend looks, whilst sitting there - what are they wearing? What length and color is your best friend's hair?

I want you to give the instructions to your friend after me - you don't need to speak this aloud - just think it in your mind as though you were speaking to your best friend.

Tell your best friend to close their eyes. Tell them to relax the tiny muscles around the eyes.

Are they relaxed? Good, now tell your best friend to relax all of the facial muscles and very slowly, very gradually, talk them through relaxing the rest of their body, working down from the head to the toes and the shoulders to the fingertips.

Give a long pause to allow your subject to carry out this instruction, intercepted with "that's right" "good", "relax", very softly. Watch your subject for muscle relaxation and change of skin color. Then continue:

Now tell your best friend to breathe slowly, and deeply, in and out, deeper and deeper.

Now tell your friend that in a moment one of their hands will begin to feel light and floaty.

It might be their left or right hand - you're not sure at the moment but one of those hands will definitely begin to feel this light and floaty feeling.

Tell your friend that those fingers are lifting ever so slowly, ever so gently, off their lap and it is beginning to float all the way up.

This is an excellent tester to see how your subject is responding. By now his own hand should begin to lift, and when you observe the signs of this, encourage the movement by saying "lighter and lighter".

And when the hand touches your face you will go into a very deep trance. You will hear everything that I say but you will feel so comfortably relaxed that you just want to sink deeper and deeper down into that wonderful feeling.

If by chance the hand does not move at all, deepen the trance further by asking your client to take the friend down a very steep staircase. Be sure first though that neither your client or the friend is not afraid of heights.

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Kenneth      Bennett
Kenneth Bennett
Dec 11th, 2012 11:20

I met a potential client last evening at a Christmas party who would like to do some regression work but says that 'she can't be hypnotized...' I will try this approach with her and see how it works. Thank you.


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