Finding Lost Objects Hypnosis Script

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.
Finding Lost Objects

Who among us has never misplaced an object that seems to have disappeared forever? Perhaps you laid your wedding band down to do dishes, or you dropped your keys down somewhere when you walked in the door. Now though, you cannot find the object no matter where you look. Some might try retracing their steps; some may tear their home apart in search of the item.

But through the use of this hypnosis script, you or your client will have the ability to access the place in your mind that will assist you in locating the lost object.

The script begins with visualization in order to get a good sense of where the object may be.

The script allows you to examine how memories are different for each of us, and how those memories can help you to find missing object.

Memories can be experienced by one or all of the senses, and this script will enable you to access the appropriate sense that will prompt remembrance of where you were when the object was misplaced.

Your mind has the ability to act as a camera while viewing the scenes from the loss.

Through this script, you can zoom in and out with your mind camera, and focus on exactly what is important in the scene.

Perhaps the ring you placed by the sink slipped behind the sink, into the dark dusty area behind the pedestal.

Your subconscious knows this happened, and you will be able to lighten the area in your mind and search, allowing you to realize that this is probably where your ring has been since its loss. Once you have awoken from hypnosis, you will want to relax and let your subconscious mind lead you where it believes the item is located. You mind will have the power and you will trust your subconscious to retrace the steps and lead you in the appropriate direction. You will end the hypnosis session with a feeling of confidence that the object can be located if only you follow your senses and the hidden knowledge of your subconscious mind.

Through this Finding Lost Objects script, you can locate objects whose losses have plagued you for years.

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