Timidity Hypnosis Script

Timidity Hypnosis Script
Timidity (Photo by © Damir - stock.adobe.com)
As you relax deeper still, your mind expands and opens up to new thoughts and ideas and you are receptive and eager to act upon the suggestions I give you.

Because from this day forward you are feeling calmer, more relaxed, more confident and fully at ease in the company of others. You begin to take a genuine interest in other people and because you are becoming more absorbed in other people you become less and less concerned with yourself and how others see you. You are feeling and acting in a much more natural and confident way.

You really enjoy meeting others, feeling confident and fully at ease as your natural, attractive personality shines through.

You begin to initiate conversations more easily and find it easy to make conversations flow; people find you witty and amusing and easy to listen to; they really enjoy your company, you are more interesting to be with and you are more interested in others, you're smiling more and feeling better and healthier and happier than ever before.

You're discovering an entirely new, self-image, you are discovering your own true self that has been inside and waiting to be set free, to shine and to dazzle and radiate. And every time you hear these words they will become more profound, they will feel right for you, for these suggestions are deeply embedded in your sub-conscious mind and grow stronger and stronger with each moment, each hour, each day and week and month.


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