Confidence at Work Hypnosis Script

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Confidence at Work
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Do your clients find it difficult to speak up for themselves at work? Perhaps colleagues make them feel invisible by not including your client in their conversations?

Unless your client is normally a very outgoing person then they could find it hard to suddenly change from a mouse to a lion - and anyway that is a bit drastic.

But - small, gradual changes in the way that they interact with other members of staff will be easier to manage and for others to accept.

This Confidence at Work hypnosis session can help your clients to develop effective communication skills and instil the confidence and self-belief required for them to project their thoughts in a way that will automatically command the respect and admiration of others.

This hypnosis script focuses on body-language awareness, positive suggestions and changing thought processes at an unconscious level - so that after just a short while these changes seem so natural that clients will wonder whatever was holding them back in the past.

Your clients probably spend a lot of time at work - so they will find your session well worth the investment necessary in order to make their place of employment a pleasurable place to be in.

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