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Confidence Hypnosis Script (Sample)

Confidence Hypnosis Script (Sample)
Confidence (Photo by © Dana Heinemann - stock.adobe.com)

Begin with your favourite induction and deepener from Hypnotic World.


We've all experienced that special moment when we felt really proud of ourselves for something we'd said or done, or not done, or it may have been a compliment that someone paid us that triggered off those feelings of pride.

Allow your subconscious mind to provide you now with a memory of a time when you felt really good about yourself.


Perhaps you had accomplished something you had been working hard towards or maybe you were achieving recognition for your effort - the content of the memory is not important - what really matters is the feeling that this memory generates within you.

And when you have that memory I want you to expand upon it.


See the situation that you are in.


Who is with you? What you are doing and where you are?


Now then fill in the details - the time of year, spring, summer, autumn or winter - the time of the day, morning, afternoon or evening.


What you are wearing and how are your feeling?


What do you see - or touch - if anything.


Be aware of any sounds or movements or smells.


Now focus on the feelings, and I want you to really remember how it felt inside - those good, positive feelings, strong feelings - confident and self assured feelings - and you can allow those good feelings to grow stronger and more positive whilst you take in a really long, deep breath in through your nose and press together the thumb and the middle finger of the right hand.

Because in future, whenever you take in a really long, deep breath through your nose and press together the thumb and the middle finger of the right, you are going to feel those good, strong, confident, positive feelings - and you can feel these good feelings anytime you wish, anywhere, in any situation.


Because these good, strong, confident feelings are becoming more and more a part of you and you are becoming that stronger, more confident person.


And remember, anytime you want to feel even more confident, all you need to do is to breathe in that really long, deep breath through your nose and press together the thumb and the middle finger of the right, and you will feel those good, strong, confident feelings filling your being.


You can feel wonderful.


You are becoming calmer, more relaxed, and far more confident than ever before.

You know what it’s like to feel those good, strong, confident feelings - and you can really enjoy remembering and re-experiencing those feelings which are becoming more and more a part of you.

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Bullying - This issue affects children and adults alike and can have devastating effects if not dealt with effectively.  Recent media reports children committing suicide because they are being bullied at school - the ones who survive can often carry the feelings of being victimized well into later life where it will affect their confidence in social, personal and work situations. 


No-one should be subject to this problem, but unfortunately bullying still happens.  The only person who can change the situation is the one who is being bullied and this is done by altering their own perceptions, building their self-esteem and feelings of worth, etc. - if you, or someone you love, is being bullied, then seek help now please, before it's too late.


Circle of Confidence - This gentle hypnotic recording will guide you to your special inner place where you can easily develop all the confidence that you need - whether for one situation in particular or life in general.


Confidence and Positivity - Each one of us are unique human beings - we all have something very valuable to offer to the world around us - however problems often stem from our own feelings of insecurity, inadequacy or lack of self-worth - perhaps having felt undermined by others in some way in the past.

Appreciating and believing in yourself is the first important step towards developing inner confidence and positivity.


Confidence - The Garden of Your Life - Symbols have a Universal - as well as personal meaning and are birthed in the unconscious mind - this script/recording makes use of your innate understanding and ability to resolve your own personal confidence issues and free you from all past, negative influences - to help you to allow your natural confidence to shine through.


Confidence - A lovely recording that works especially well for people with overly analytical minds - beautiful words spoken softly using an NLP approach - not too long that your conscious, thinking mind will begin to kick in and question everything - just accept that this ultimate confident feeling is your heritage.


Confidence at Work - If you would like to become more assertive and able to express your own ideas in your work environment then this recording can help you to do just that.


Confidence for Hypnotherapists - Whether you're seeing your first or fiftieth client it can seem just as daunting if you don't believe in yourself and your own ability to help - or - maybe hopefully you do believe in yourself but haven't had a lot of people to practice on yet - this script/recording - will take your imagination through a perfect client session - once you have listened to it your brain will have already set down the neural pathways that will inspire confidence in yourself for when it comes to the real thing.


Confidence for Dating - Are you shy with the opposite sex?  If you feel that you'd like to make a move and get to know someone better but are afraid of rejection then don't be - this recording can help you to overcome any barriers and make real headway with that new relationship.


Making Decisions - Er - where shall we go tonight?  You decide?  No, you choose somewhere - does this sound familiar?  If you find decision making difficult then this script/recording will help you - just make up your mind to try it - right now.


Powerful Public Speaking - If giving a presentation or a public speech turns your legs to jelly and makes you want to run and hide then perhaps you need to stop focusing on yourself and concentrate more on effectively getting your message across.  This script/recording has been used successfully so many times that I have lost count - it is one of our best sellers and most sought after products.


Social Phobia - This hypnosis recording helps you to feel calm, more relaxed, less self-absorbed when in company, far more confident in yourself and in your relationships with others. It will generate positive, confident feelings which will be ultimately projects onto your companions so that you begin to actively enjoy meeting people and communicating your ideas to them. So, don't miss out - this could be the opportunity you've been waiting for, for a long time.


Stuttering - This is a totally different issue but it boils down to the same thing.  Many people who stutter suffered from feelings of being unable to express themselves properly when they were younger.  Those feelings of frustration are carried forward to later life and even the tiniest bit of stress can cause hesitation (especially when it's least needed).  Stop Stuttering today and learn to speak more confidently with hypnosis.

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