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Stop Blushing

Stop Blushing Script

Stop Blushing
Stop Blushing hypnosis script for use ... Read more
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Using the Ruler Method, blushing can be controlled both in and out of hypnosis.
Begin with your favorite Induction and Deepener from Hypnotic World.

Drift deeper into hypnosis now as you listen carefully to the sound of my voice - because my voice can take you deeper and deeper into gentle hypnotic rest.

And after a little while, you will find yourself being able to visualize - in your mind's eye - the things that I am suggesting to you - and as you visualize these things, you will go deeper still.

And if, after a while - you find your mind wandering away to some pleasant thoughts, then that's fine, because nobody wants anything, nobody needs anything.

Throughout this hypnotic experience, there is absolutely nothing at all for you to do but relax, and let go.

So just relax - and let go.

For a long time now you have been experiencing a problem which you have found embarrassing and difficult to control, and that problem is blushing.

But you have now decided to use your own mind power - your wonderful subconscious mind - to gain control over this.

And gain control you will - because your subconscious mind was the part of you which caused you to redden and flush.

The subconscious mind governs the autonomic nervous system.  It regulates your breathing and heartbeat, and the flow of blood to your muscles. It causes your eyelids to blink when something comes near and your muscles to move when you want to walk.

Of course, breathing, heart beats and blood flow are all essential components of life - but you can live without blushing - so all we need to do is to reprogram your mind and teach it new methods of dealing with potentially embarrassing situations, without the need to resort to that old response of blushing.

In order to do this, I would like you to use your wonderful, creative ability to visualize the ideas I describe to you.

Make them as real as you possibly can, bringing in sounds or tactile sensations and anything else that you need in order to make this seem right, for you.

We know that visual imagery is the language of the brain, and it existed in primitive mankind long before language began.

When we visualize something strongly enough, the mind finds it difficult to distinguish between fact and fantasy, which is one of the reasons why many sports psychologists and others have people visualize winning a race.

It also helps lie down new neural networks in the brain so that new patterns are easier to learn.

So, I would like you to imagine a ruler standing two meters from the ground, with the numbers from one hundred down to zero etched and marked clearly on it.

Notice the numbers clearly, the way they are written or printed, the color and size of each number and the style it is written in.

On the ruler is a pointer, which can slide easily, up or down, and it measures your subconscious rate of comfort.

When you are very calm and relaxed the pointer will be way down, probably somewhere between zero and ten, depending on where your own natural comfort zone lies.

When you are tense and uptight, the pointer will soar up into the eighties or nineties, and if you are really feeling very stressed, it might even reach one hundred, although rarely will it ever be as high as this.

In this state of deep and comfortable relaxation, I would like you to look at the pointer and tell me the number the pointer is at, at the moment.

Wait for your client's response. If the number is higher than you believe it should be, i.e. in the 70s or above, deepen the trance further and offer more suggestions of comfort and relaxation.  Ideally, this level should be below 10.

Good. Now I'd like you to think of a recent, embarrassing situation, one that made you tense and wound up inside.  Recall where you were at the time; remember who was with you and what you were doing, and whatever it was that was said to make you feel embarrassed.

Remember how you could feel the blood rising up into your face as your face began to redden. And perhaps you can even feel your face beginning to warm up now as your cheeks start to flush.

Wait for a response - if the subject is experiencing a vivid memory of an embarrassing situation, their facial expression should reveal this - so you can pause a short while until you notice changes in breathing or expression.

Now look at the ruler and tell me the number it points to.

If the number hasn’t risen significantly, you will need to find another sufficiently embarrassing memory for your client to regress to in order to master this technique.

Good. That's fine.  Now, slide the pointer down the ruler to a more comfortable level as you feel your skin cooling down and returning to normal.

And, as you do this, an amazing thing happens.  You find the effects of that memory no longer bother you.  In fact, whatever it was that happened wasn’t really that important to anyone else except you.

You know that whatever it was that happened is safely in the past. 

There were no serious consequences as a result of that memory, and no one thought any the less of you.

So, allow any negative emotions attached to that memory to disappear.  Let them go.

That’s right, let them go completely.

That memory is done with; it is safely in the past and it doesn't bother you anymore.  You have let it go.

Relax even deeper than before as you allow your body once more to experience these wonderful calm, and relaxing feelings.

And when you are as comfortably relaxed as you feel you can possibly be right now, I’d like you to take a look at the ruler once more and tell me the number.

Wait for the client's response. The number should be even less than previously related.

That’s good.  You are doing really well.  You are learning to control your response to uncomfortable situations because you know these can happen to anyone, and there is really no need to blush.

Of course, blushing in itself isn’t bad.  In fact, many people find it quite endearing when they notice someone reddening.

But this isn’t the way that you respond anymore because you now find it much easier to remain in control.

Perhaps we could go through this exercise once more, and strengthen your new learning. 

Visualize yourself at a future date in a similar sort of situation to one of those that would previously make you blush.

Perhaps someone is revealing something about you that you would rather not share, or maybe it is something completely different.

Whatever this situation is, make it something that is personally relevant to you.

And just imagine this situation unfolding, and something happens, or is said, that you once found embarrassing.

But this time, the ruler is firmly fixed in your subconscious mind, and you don’t even need to consciously think about moving the pointer down. 

Instead, your subconscious mind is taking control and sliding it down.  As it does this, so you find your skin remains cool at its normal temperature and you feel completely calm and relaxed.

Instead of blushing, you simply smile.  Perhaps you acknowledge the event, or maybe you dispute it.

Whatever your response, you now know that you are in control, and this makes you feel good.

You are going to find that you can always feel calmer and more relaxed when the pointer is down.

And I want you to practise this for the future, lowering the pointer, down, and down, and down.

And as the pointer goes down to a lower number, perhaps lower than you previously experienced, so you become more comfortable than you can ever remember feeling before.

You are comfortable and much calmer, and more relaxed.  You are far more confident and more in control.

And if you find, in the future, that you begin to redden from embarrassment, all you need to do is mentally slide the pointer, down and down and down.

And the lower the pointer goes, the more comfortable and relaxed, and confident, you feel. 

And after just a short while, your subconscious mind takes over this activity and you don’t even need to think about it as it has become an unconscious response, as natural as breathing and blinking.

In fact, you feel so comfortable that you begin to forget that you ever blushed at all.

Blushing becomes a thing of the past - something that you used to do - but do no longer.

And these suggestions are firmly embedded in your subconscious mind and grow stronger and stronger day by day.

They grow stronger by the day - stronger by the hour - stronger by the minute.

In a moment, I'm going to count from one to five and at the count of five, you will be wide awake - feeling refreshed and alert.

So - when you are ready - one - two - three - four - your eyelids are beginning to flutter and five - eyes open wide awake - mind and body feeling absolutely wonderful.

Please note: this session is intended for relaxation purposes only. It is not a medical or therapeutic device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition or disease.

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Bunny Vreeland
Bunny Vreeland
I used to blush royal purple!
Aug 27th, 2017 08:40


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