Thumb Sucking Hypnosis Script

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Thumb Sucking
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Help children to overcome thumb sucking with this hypnosis MP3 download

Thumb sucking in infancy is generally accepted by society, however when it extends into later childhood it's a habit that needs to be curtailed as it can not only damage a child's teeth but make them a target for being made fun of by their peers - and these days children have enough to cope with in their hectic lives. .

Like all habits, stopping thumb-sucking is not easy for a child to quit on their own as it is a comforting action that, after such a long time of doing it, will have become so ingrained that it is now an automatic response - especially in times of stress or tiredness.

This Stop Thumb Sucking with Hypnosis script can help your child clients to overcome this habit once and for all.

The script uses and Ericksonian style approach (Dr Milton Erickson was acclaimed one of the best hypnotherapists of his era and is generally known as the Father of Hypnosis)

Help your child clients to stop the habit of thumb sucking with this hypnosis script session today.

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