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Sick Sibling Jealousy Hypnosis Script

Sick Sibling Jealousy
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Sick Sibling Jealousy

Sick Sibling Rivalry is a term given for children who feel unable to come to terms with the fact that their brother or sister is ill and receives more attention from their parents or caregivers than they do.

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As adults it is easy for most of us to adjust to unfortunate circumstances such as these, however, for a child the feelings are intense because they have not yet developed the understanding that they are still loved, it is just that their sibling needs extra attention at this time.

Sick sibling rivalry can actually extend itself into adulthood and cause disastrous relationships because the person concerned may be consumed with jealousy when they don't receive the attention or affection that they feel is rightfully theirs.

This is why it is essential to deal with the problem as early as possible (nip it in the bud).

Well-meaning parents might not be in a position to convince their child that they are still loved and just as important - and even if they can then there is a possibility that the child already feels resentful and will refuse to accept reassurance.

This hypnosis script from Hypnotic World can help by dealing directly with the conflicts of the child through their subconscious mind.

Children are known to be exceptionally good hypnotic subjects - and often they will respond more favourably to a person who is outside their family situation.

So if your client (or their child) is experiencing Sick Sibling Rivalry then this hypnotherapy script download can help you to help both the child and their parent/s.

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