Coping with Peer Pressure Hypnosis Script

 By Leslie Riopel ACHT MA Psychology
Coping with Peer Pressure

Welcome to your hypnosis session for coping with peer pressure.

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Peer pressure can be relentless. If you feel pressured by people to do things you are uncomfortable doing there are many ways to respond.

The desire to fit in and feel like you are a part of a group is perfectly normal and many people feel this way. Peer pressure is that feeling you have to do something to fit in, be accepted or be respected.

It can very difficult to deal with, especially for young people.

Peer pressure can be overt like friends telling you to do something or less direct like friends joking around about what you're not doing.

Some forms of peer pressure can be motivating, if it helps you study more or work harder. However, there is a fine line between peer pressure that is motivating and peer pressure that is out of line.

Dealing with peer pressure can be challenging, but it’s important to reflect on your own personal values and preferences as you go through the process.

Managing peer pressure is usually not that difficult if you are surrounded by people whose values, preferences, and behaviors are similar to yours.

However, if you enter into a new environment with different types of people whose values don't align with yours, it could get challenging.

In this session we will focus on ways to manage peer pressure so that you can develop the skills you need moving forward.

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