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Flying Blanket

Flying Blanket Script

Flying Blanket
This visualization/induction can capture ... Read more
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This visualization can capture the imagination of any child if you incorporate some personal details. This induction is suitable for younger children.

Imagine that you are going on a picnic.

You are with your family and best friends (include names, if known) to a very special place. This might be somewhere you have been before or some place you have always wanted to visit.

You have your favorite things to eat and drink. I wonder what these could be; maybe there is a basket of fresh fruit, perhaps blueberries, juicy red strawberries or tiny sweet oranges.

There is a long roll of freshly baked bread that still smells delicious and has been carefully cut into bite-size slices with your favorite fillings. I bet there are also some small dainty buns with sugared icing on top and lots of other snacks that you enjoy.

See if you can smell them in your mind.  Imagine how delicious they are going to taste after you have played a few games and run around with your friends on this warm sunny day in the open air.

I’m sure you enjoy playing games with your family and friends. There is a big, brightly colored ball that you can throw to each other. 

Open your arms; it is coming your way.  There, did you catch it?  Good. 

Look at the ball now.  Can you tell me what color it is?  Or are there lots of different colors?  How big is it?  Can you squeeze it or is it too hard for your little hands?

When you are finished eating and drinking and playing your favorite games, you may see a blanket spread out there on the ground.

It is a big, warm blanket and is your favorite color; it feels smooth and soft when you touch it.

You may sit on the blanket, or lie down on it and if you do, that is fine.

I wonder if you can close your eyes tighter and pretend it's a flying blanket and that you are the pilot.

That’s right, you can fly it and you are in control.

You can fly just a few inches above the ground to start off with; just above the grass, or when you ready, you can go higher, even fly above the trees if you want.

You are the pilot. You can go wherever you want and as fast or as slow as you wish, just by thinking about it.

As you go up higher, look down at what you can see.  Notice the top of the trees and that building over there.  Can you see how small it has become? 

The cars are like toy matchbox cars and you can see the roads.  Have you or any of your friends got a road set?  If so, I bet it looks just like that.

You are flying along nicely now and it feels really good.  Your friends are excited and happy and everyone is laughing because this is so much fun.

If you want to, you can land and visit other friends or you can go to the zoo to see the monkeys, lions, elephants, tigers and other animals - or you can go anywhere else you like.

Maybe you would like to fly over to your school or nursery and wave to the teachers or other children who are playing in the playground?

You're the pilot and you're in charge. You might fly by a tree and see birds in a nest.

Or you might decide to go to the seaside and land on the beach and build sandcastles or look for small pebbles and shells.

Perhaps you’ll visit characters from your favorite book or TV program.  You might see wizards or princesses, mermaids or pirates or cartoon people and animals as they come to life.

You can speed up and slow down - you can zoom up to the clouds and down again.

Enjoy going wherever you want to go. Take all the time you need to feel very comfortable because you are the pilot and you are in control.

Maybe you will fly into space and zoom past the stars and planets, visit other galaxies or see yourself in a funfair, enjoying the rides. 

Perhaps there is a stall that sells candy-floss and toffee apples or another selling burgers and hot-dogs that are freshly fried in sizzling onions, filling the fairground with a smell that makes your tummy rumble.

Go wherever you want to go because you are the pilot and this is your magic flying blanket.

And whenever you are ready you might like to find a nice, comfortable landing spot and land your flying blanket in a very special place.

I’ll count backwards from five so you can go slowly down and find a safe place to land.  Feel yourself going deeper with each and every number I count.

Are you ready?  Good.  Five, you can start going down now.

Four, that’s right, going down a little deeper.

Three, slowly and comfortably you are going down further still.

Two, that’s good, you are nearly landed now, just one more number and you can settle down.

And one, that’s right, landing now, safely and comfortably.

When you have landed, let me know by lifting one finger.

Pause as you wait for signal. 

That’s good.  Now tell me where you are?

What can you see?

What are you doing?

Encourage the child to engage in their imagination by prompting for more details once they become thoroughly engrossed in the experience.

Once they are absorbed, continue with:

Now I want you to stay in your special place.  You can look around with your friends or family if you like and you know that even though I will be talking to you for a few minutes, you don’t need to listen to what it is that I am saying because I will be talking to the dreaming part of your mind.

When I’m ready for you to come back though, you will hear every word I say and you will open your eyes and feel absolutely fantastic.

Continue with suggestions.
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