Flying Blanket Script

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This visualization/induction can capture the imagination of any child.


This visualization can capture the imagination of any child if you incorporate some personal details. This induction is suitable for younger children.

Imagine that you are going on a picnic, going with your favorite people to a special place for a picnic. You have your favorite things to eat and drink. You can see and smell and taste them.

Enjoy playing games with your family and friends. Then when you are finished eating and drinking and playing games, you may see a blanket spread out there on the ground. It's your favorite color, smooth and soft. You may sit on it, or lie on it.

Pretend it's a flying blanket and you are the pilot. You are in control. You can fly just a few inches above the ground, just above the grass, or higher even above the trees if you want.

You are the pilot. You can go where you want and as fast or as slow as you wish, just by thinking about it.

You can land and visit your friends or you can go to the zoo to see the monkeys, lions, elephants and other animals - or you can go anywhere else you like.

You're the pilot and you're in charge. You might fly by a tree and see birds in a nest. You can speed up and slow down - you can zoom up to the clouds and down again.

Enjoy going where you want to go. Take all the time you need to feel very comfortable.

When you are ready you can find a nice, comfortable landing spot and land your flying blanket.

When you have landed, let me know by lifting one finger.

Pause as you wait for signal. At this point you can ask child to describe what they are seeing and at a suitable time deepen the trance and continue with suggestions.

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