Childbirth Hypnosis Scripts

Pregnancy can be both a wonderful and yet stressful time for expectant mothers and fathers and often your clients may wish to ease their feelings of helplessness when faced with different challenges.

As a therapist you can, with the aid of Hypnotic World's Childbirth scripts, help your clients overcome many concerns they may have regarding their pregnancy or the birth experience.

The relaxation associated with hypnosis can help to calm nerves and dispel fears which can in turn help prevent problems that a couple may have conceiving or during a pregnancy and bring more joy to the experience.

Once the baby is born, hypnosis is a great way for you to help your client to bond with their baby, or if they have any post-natal depression issues, ensuring that the transition from pregnancy to birth will run as smoothly as possible.

You will find scripts to help with most of the issues that an expectant or new parent may have on Hypnotic World.

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