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Affluence Script

Train your client's mind-set to think successfully and fulfill their potential with this hypnosis script.

The difference between successful people and non-achievers begins with the way those people think about themselves and their abilities. Take for example two men who live five thousand miles apart. Each one independently comes up with the same brilliant innovative idea that could make a small fortune. The first man thinks to himself: "This will never work, it's just too good to be true". However, he's prepared to give it a chance and half-heartedly sets out to sell his idea to the public. When he fails, as he ultimately must, he is reaffirming what he knew would happen all along. The second man, however, is totally enthusiastic about his new idea and infects everyone around him with his optimism, the passionate belief that this idea is the best thing since sliced bread and he is as excited as a child on the night before his birthday.

Believing in oneself is not always as easy as we'd like it to be. Years of criticism, put-downs, negativity from others and self-doubt may have done an excellent job in dampening any prospects for achievement that was our original birthright.

There's a popular and very true saying that goes something like this - 'if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got' - which is why - if we want to get something different - we must look to the future instead of drawing on past experience.

Because the future has not yet happened, we can play about with it and design our own destiny. That's what 'Creating Affluence with Mind Projection' is all about. So first of all, you will need to take a pen and paper and design your ideal future.

Where would you like to see yourself in ten, twenty or thirty years time? Depending on your age, set yourself a time span by which you'd like to have achieved affluence. Be realistic about this, but not pessimistic. You don't have to wait ten years (unless you're a young child right now), but next week could be a bit soon to give yourself chance to put this program into use.

What would you like to be doing? If your goal is to own your own business empire, two cars, a house by the sea and one in the country, have a hundred thousand pounds in the bank - write it all down. Design your future now.

Who would you like to be with you? What would you like to be wearing? Again, be as specific as you can

When you've designed your future, read through it a couple of times and evaluate what you've written. Are these the things that will really make you happy? What details can you add to your design?

The next step is to use the self-hypnosis induction on yourself, record it if you like, and use a deepener. Then go into a daydream where you project your mind to that future date and really see yourself very clearly, doing all those things that you wrote down.

Don't worry if the images don't come too clearly at first, instead concentrate on other aspects of your design. For example, hearing people congratulating you on your success, feeling yourself sitting in an elegant sports car or walking around your country mansion, arranging flowers in the vase, smelling the expensive aftershave or perfume, looking at your bank account - or whatever you've decided you want to achieve.

When you've spent a few minutes in visualizing these things give yourself a key word to summarize your goal and count yourself up to five, and open your eyes.

Use this technique every day without fail. Whenever you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, simply say your key word to yourself.

The very act of replacing negative thoughts with your key (positive) word, coupled with the powerful visualization of affluence - what you want and desire - will make your conceivable goal believable and achievable - and you will start moving toward what is rightfully yours - an affluent life.

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Script feedback and questions from hypnotherapists:

Rachel Geller
Rachel Geller
Jun 01st, 2021 01:31
Empowering script

This script is very good to help people visualise abundance.

I think people are different and many have different goals in life, so for some, together with wealth, they want, meaning and certain achievements. Built into this script is space for people to have personal goals. I also particularly liked how the script makes people aware that certain things are perks of being wealthy so if the person has always chaffed at not automatically owning these things (a chauffeur, clothing at each holiday house, expensive aftershave) one can relax in the meantime at these things not being in ones current reality yet. So it balances between positive goal setting and acceptance in a gentle way of the inconveniences of the now, which is doubly helpful.


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