Breast Enhancement Visualization Sample Script

Breast Enhancement Visualization Sample Script
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More women are now using hypnotherapy as an alternative to surgery to visualizing increasing their breast measurement, however this is still a relatively new area and quite controversial.

Exploration should be done to uncover any unresolved conflicts in the patient's life. Dietary advice is also beneficial, some women who are very flat chested can also be extremely thin.

"Imagine now that you're on a lovely, secluded stretch of beach, there's no one around for miles and it's a beautiful warm summer's day.

You lie down on the soft white sand, and you can hear the sound of the water gently lapping up to the shore; the sky is a lovely shade of blue and there's not a cloud in sight. The sunlight sparkles on the beautiful deep blue sea and everything is so tranquil, so peaceful, so restful.

And imagine that as you lie there on the soft white sand, listening to the waves, and feeling the sun on your body, that you undo your top and let the sun to your body.

And as you lie there you can feel the warmth of the sun bathing your body, and imagine the heat from the sun warming your breast area, making your breasts warm and tingling . . .



The full version of this script is available online to Hypnotic World subscribers here.

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