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Anger Management
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According to research, as many as one fifth of the population has issues with controlling their anger. Anger is a natural emotion which we use to be alerted to potential problems. Yet, anger is not the problem per se. The problem is in failing to manage anger effectively. Mismanaged negative emotions are a major source of conflict across all aspects of life - try keeping track of how many times you get angry for the rest of the day?

Therapists have found hypnotherapy to be a particularly valuable tool for assisting clients with anger management issues. Out of control anger issues have a profound negative influence on people's lives, affecting all relationships.

The emotional detachment of the therapeutic trance enables individuals to explore their emotions in a safe, supported manner that opens the door to healing and resolution. Hypnosis takes you out of the rat race to a quiet place within, where you can recognize these feelings without getting mired in reactions. But successful anger management requires more than simple habit breaking. The complex issues underlying volatile negative emotions require a sophisticated approach.

This hypnosis script for anger management uses a two pronged approach. First this script helps clients learn to identify the physiological components of their emotional state of mind. By engaging clients in memory stimulation they are offered the opportunity to explore how their body animates their emotions. This anger management script encourages awareness and expands self-knowledge.

Next our script engages post-hypnotic suggestions that help clients use behaviour modification techniques to successfully manage anger. The subconscious is trained to develop new more helpful habit reactions to the physical stress cues.

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