Smoking Association Hypnosis Script

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Smoking Association
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Stop Smoking by Removing the Associations that you have with cigarettes

As you are already aware, smoking is a powerful and dangerous addiction, however did you know that it is mainly a psychological addiction and that associations with certain activities can trigger the urge to smoke?

For example, many people associate having a cigarette with finishing a meal or enjoying a drink, whilst talking on the telephone, after making love, whilst driving, socializing with friends who smoke, etc.

How does Association Work

Many smokers wake up in the morning and tell themselves - 'today I will quit smoking' - only to encounter familiar situations in which their smoking is associated - for example - the traffic is bad on the way to work or they are annoyed with something or other so what do they do?

They do what they usually do in such a situation and that is to light up yet another cigarette - and there goes all their good intentions (until of course the next day when a similar thing happens)

Why Use Hypnosis to Break the Habit of Smoking?

During hypnosis your clients will be deeply relaxed and their subconscious mind (which is the part that 'runs' their automatic responses) is receptive to suggestions that will help them to quit the habit.

Once a task has been learned (i.e. riding a bike, driving a car, reading, dancing, etc.) the conscious mind no longer needs to pay attention to it as the subconscious mind allows your clients to do what they know how to do. However, the subconscious is very primitive and, when conditions are right, will accept suggestions without question (as opposed to the conscious mind which needs to analyze and evaluate information that is presented to it.

This hypnosis script can help your clients to break all those associations with smoking so that they will be free from the addiction to smoking cigarettes once and for all.

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