Chocolate Aversion Hypnosis Script

 By DHP Acc. Hyp.
Chocolate Aversion

Do your clients find it difficult to resist chocolates?

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For most people the odd chocolate now and again won't cause any problems, however if you are a Hypnotherapist helping clients to lose weight then you will most likely have questioned them about their eating habits and they may tell you that they like a certain chocolate bar at night.

Further questioning often reveals that it's not just the one chocolate bar but often half a dozen or more.

Of course they already realize that they need to limit their chocolate intake (or quit altogether) but it's their little 'guilty pleasure'.

If you are seriously going to help them to lose weight then you will undoubtedly want to help them to eat more healthily and cut out the chocolate if that's an important factor in their weight issue.

This script uses positive suggestions to help your clients to realize for themselves how much damage chocolate is actually doing to their body.

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