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Alcohol Hypnosis Script

Alcohol Hypnosis Script
Drinking alcohol (Photo by © Kzenon - stock.adobe.com)

People with alcohol problems often need help with their self-esteem and some form of confidence building. Take time to find out what your client succeeds at, and have her anchor good feelings with a physical response, such as squeezing the hand into a fist. This will help to direct attention away from the internal response and empower your client with positive feelings:

For a long time now you've been acting and feeling in ways that have taken you away from your own, natural self. You've relied more and more on alcohol to help you through the negative feelings which you've been experiencing, and have done so to such an extent that you find yourself denying your self of your own true feelings.

No-one feels on top of the world all the time and there will be days that could be better for you. It's only by experiencing some of the lows in life that you can really enjoy and appreciate the highs. Blotting out your feelings with alcohol doesn't solve anything, it just makes things worse, that's why you have decided now that you've had enough of drinking alcohol, and you really want help with that old problems of yours.

Focus now on an area of your life that you feel happy with - you may like to remember something good that happened to you, something that made you feel confident, an achievement maybe or some praise you received. (pause) ...now notice how you feel inside, proud, confident, happy - and allow those good feelings to grow stronger, while you relax, and let go.

And when those good feelings are filling you I want you to take a deep breath and squeeze your hand into a fist, whilst your subconscious mind memorizes those good feelings.

Because whenever you want to feel this way, all you need to do is take a long deep breath and squeeze your hand into a fist.

That's good. Now imagine yourself in a situation where you would normally have reached for your first drink of alcohol. Notice where you are, what you're doing, who is with you, if anyone, use your imagination to the very best of your ability. If you can't picture the scene then remember it in as much detail as possible.

Notice the feelings inside you as you reach for the bottle and imagine yourself walking over to the sink and emptying that bottle away, and as you do this, I want you to take a deep breath in through your nose and squeeze the other hand into a tight fist whilst you remember those good, confident positive feelings.

Immediately you feel good. It's good to be confident, and know that you're free from that old, addictive way of life. Free from the burden of having to drink alcohol, free to get on with your wonderful life, to experience the highs, as well as the lows, knowing this will help you to really appreciate when things get better.

Now, in your mind, find an alternative activity to do. It doesn't matter what it is as long as its a break from what you would normally do. You're changing. Your way of thinking and acting is improving, your in command, you're taking charge, you're in control. You're free as a bird, you're free from the addictive way of life, and yes, there will be moments when you feel pain, but these moments will get less and less, and you will really appreciate the pleasurable things in life, the little things that make you smile and feel good.

Proceed with Count Up.


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