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Gastric Band Hypnosis Sound Effects (CD and 3 Scripts)

Enhance your gastric band weight loss sessions with this professionally-developed composition designed to be used as a background accompaniment to your session.

Making a gastric band hypnosis session sound authentic can improve your chances of helping clients to lose weight, which has the add-on effect of boosting both your results and your credibility as a hypnotherapist.

Working with the composer Colette Jonas, we have developed a unique set of audio recordings which combine hospital-themed sound effects with an original and evocative musical composition.

CD Contents

The audio CD contains tracks contains a variety of arrangements enabling therapists to choose the most appropriate application for their sessions. Tracks include:

  • Main Background Track
    A background music track accompanied by sound effects relating to your gastric band hypnosis session.
  • Music-Only Track
    A music-based track without thematic sound effects for use as relaxing background music during hypnotherapy sessions.
  • Individual Sound Effect Tracks
    Thematic sound effects provided as individual tracks should you wish to customize the timing and variety of the sounds that you use during your session.

The realistic-sounding effects in the main background track include:

  • Blood pressure measuring
  • Deep breathing
  • Doors closing
  • Heart monitor
  • Nurse, anaesthetist and doctor conversation and indiscernible background chatter
  • Surgical instruments
  • Trolley movements
  • The accompanying guide outlines the times at which these sounds are introduced during the main track

Usage Guide

The CD is accompanied by a digital usage guide, which contains suggestions for making the most of the sound effects in addition to 3 gastric band hypnosis scripts:

  • Overview: An introduction to using the soundtracks. Includes suggestions for using the sound effects and music in your gastric band hypnosis sessions
  • Track Listing with tracks in order, including a description and the duration of each track
  • 3 Gastric Band Hypnosis Scripts
  • Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Information Guide for Clients
  • License Agreement

3 Hypnosis Scripts

The sound effects are accompanied by 3 gastric band hypnosis scripts:

  • Script 1: Pre-Gastric Band Hypnosis Script
  • Script 2: Gastric Band Hypnosis Script
  • Script 3: Gastric Band Hypnosis (Adjustment) Script

The full set of tracks is available on CD with a license to use the tracks in your own hypnosis sessions and recordings:


Listen to a sample of this audio CD:

Track Listings
Track #: Title: Duration:
1.Music With SFX - Gastric Band Hypnosis30:18
2.Music Only - Gastric Band Hypnosis30:18
3.Sound Effect 01 - Footsteps00:12
4.Sound Effect 02 - Nurse Come This Way Please00:04
5.Sound Effect 03 - Footsteps - Moving Away - Door Opening00:07
6.Sound Effect 04 - Doctor Take A Seat00:04
7.Sound Effect 05 - Doctor Name - Date of Birth00:07
8.Sound Effect 06 - Doctor Heart Monitor - Papers - Rattling - You Are Having Keyhole Surgery00:19
9.Sound Effect 07 - Door Closes - Steps - Chatter01:22
10.Sound Effect 08 - Nurse Taking Patient To Be Weighed00:23
11.Sound Effect 09 - Nurse Taking Blood Pressure00:35
12.Sound Effect 10 - Nurse Chatter - Heart Monitor - More Chatter03:36
13.Sound Effect 11 - Chatter - Trolley To Theatre00:20
14.Sound Effect 12 - Anaesthetist And Background Sounds00:32
15.Sound Effect 13 - Operation06:27
16.Sound Effect 14 - End - Trolley Leaving - Door Closing00:54
Stream in the Media Player

Hypnotic World members can listen the tracks on this CD in the Media Player:

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