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Hypnosis used in France for heart operation

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By Pierre Immelman   

Pierre Immelman
Pierre Immelman

A patient aged 88 has successfully heart operation under hypnosis instead of general anaesthetic. Isn't this a huge one for hypnosis?

Gérard Courtois, 88 in 2018, underwent replacement of his aortic valve at the Lille CHU hospital (France) while listening to a nurse trained in hypnotic techniques. In doing so he avoided the risks and/or possible after-effects of drugs.

She spoke in a soothing voice to get him to focus on “positive memories” of his travels.

The hospital said this is ideal as it ensures the process is as harmless as possible, especially for such operations, which typically involve elderly people.

The procedure did not involve open-heart surgery. Instead the two femoral arteries in the legs were opened and wires were inserted to the heart. Usually the patient is unconscious.

Hypnosis is increasingly used in French hospitals – even for certain brain operations – but doctors say it is only suitable for procedures involving relatively moderate levels of pain and risk.


Annmarie Brown
Annmarie Brown

Wow this is amazing and well done. Goes to show the power of hypnosis 💜



Incredible thanks for sharing :)


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