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By Lisa jeffery   

lisa jeffery
Lisa jeffery
Mar 08th, 2009 06:51

I would like a script for a women who is suffering guilt with regards to her 3 adult children.She was happily married to their father when sadly he died. She then went on to have a string of failed relationships, most of which her children didnt agree with.Generally, they have grown up quite well balanced and happy, but her youngest son has had problems with drugs and gambling in the past. She feels that in some way, this is her fault and seems to feel guilt in most areas of her life. This seems to stem back to her Father whom constantly blamed her for everything and told her she was useless. Her mother never stuck up for her and was really quite weak. I would appreciate some help with this scipt, thanks


Mar 17th, 2009 12:22
Re: guilt

Hi Lisa <p>Thanks for your post. There is a script called Guilt Complex on Hypnotic World (under the heading Stress & Anxiety) which you might find useful.


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