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By Cheryl Iliadis   

Cheryl Iliadis
Cheryl Iliadis
Nov 19th, 2020 11:50

Hi, I am currently working with a teenager that feels that he has nothing to contribute to life, that he is unattractive, and plain, I have been working on his self worth and self confidence, can anyone please share any dynamic scripts that are age related to teenagers.


Darlene MacInnis
Darlene MacInnis
Nov 20th, 2020 06:38

I always love the garden of life and use it with most of my clients.


Pierre Immelman
Pierre Immelman
Nov 21st, 2020 11:32
Re: Teenager with self-esteem issue

I had success by guiding the teenager to a special place, (resource) - to a moment in time when he/she spontaneously had fun. I suggest that this moment at that place only exist, to please him/her therefore everything is possible and opportunities are limitless. I also suggest that that moment in time could be of his/her own inner making…, where he/she can be comfortable, deeply relaxed, safe and He/she could experience the expected outcome from the pre-talk. Or it can be a moment of a pleasant memory… It can be a fantasy, a dream… or he/she can just make it up... I count him/her into that moment and then guide him/her towards exploring the resource before establishing a special place which is made tangible a safety bubble added and then anchored.
I would then suggest a "perfect you" with suggestions like "Remember when you were a little kid and there were no limits to your imagination...." and I'll use information from the pre-talk and suggest that he/she is completely free again to make this place perfect...
and suggest that he/she let nothing hold him/her back...
he/she can create mountains of clouds or streams of pleasure, or, if he/she wish to, flying fish or swimming butterflies, and urge him/her to go ahead because this is his/her place of perfection. A place of absolute perfection just right for him/her, where there is limitless potential, and everything is possible.

This then called the special or the perfect place. The person can then create a safety bubble made up of various bubbles around it where after I use a confidence/self-esteem booster script; Future integration; and a post-hypnotic suggestion that every time he/she taps into the resourceful anchor it becomes easier and easier to connect strongly with the resource state and find more and more inner-strength and inner-wisdom that he/she is safe en very able to be the best he/she wants to be...

This works very well for me and the person enjoys the experience tremendously.

Hope this may be helpful.




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