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By Shiela34   

Apr 16th, 2020 08:24

No scripts no gimmicks, just plain powerful.

I have discovered a method of how to put a person into trance without them knowing, without them realizing without you asking, without saying sleep.

You just approach a person ask him something and after he replies do a 30 seconds something and he is in trance where you can implant all that you want.

I will share this knowledge with 10 persons only. Those who are willing to pay 5 million euros. For this info and I month of training.

Before we start you will pay in front and sign a contract with a notary present that if this doesnt work you will get fully reimbursed.

Think about it if this really works you can hypnotize someone to give you 5 million and afterwards he will forget.

Or that girl or more girls

Contact me


Justine Staines
Justine Staines
Apr 17th, 2020 08:13
Re: Covert

I should imagine you have millions of people taking up your offer


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