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Stopping smoking post cancer

Posted in the Quitting Smoking Forum
By Natalie lascelles   

natalie lascelles
Natalie lascelles
Nov 05th, 2018 04:42
Stopping smoking post cancer

I have a client who gave up smoking a few years ago and then when she was diagnosed with cancer , she thought 'sod it ' and started again ..she now wants to give up for good ( she is in remission now) , and was wondering which of the give up smoking scripts would be most suitable for her ?


Victor Tsan, MD
Victor Tsan, MD
May 28th, 2020 05:41
Re: stopping smoking post cancer

force your client to imagine that the smoke from cigarettes fertilizers his cancer and cancer is growing fast and blooming. And then let him imagine that the wind blew the smoke and cancer not fertilized any longer and the tumor becomes smaller and smaller and smaller.
You can read more on my site:


Steve Price
Steve Price
Jun 02nd, 2020 03:35
Re: stopping smoking post cancer

Addiction attaches to early trauma. Might be a useful angle to explore


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