Of course Self-Hypnosis

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By Scarecrow   

Dec 08th, 2017 11:06
Of course Self-Hypnosis

I've run into a huge problem, there are many hypnosis mp3's floating around on the web. How can the buyer know they are getting a professional quality mp3 from a qualified hypnotherapist????? I have OBE's every now and then and I want to use Self-hypnotic program to help me keep my mind awake but body asleep, once I a there, it's easy for me to buzz right out! The problem I have been having with these types of programs is they will work one day or a week and then the experiences quit altogether.

This isn't a one time thing, it happens with a lot of subliminal I used and they take forever! I had one experience with Inner-talk, just one! Listened to it for one month more nothing! The mp3 on this site caught my attention because it is only 30 minutes long! I have one hour hypnosis from Steve G. Jones and I am already bored before the affirmations are spoken to me.

I have PTSD from nearly being beat to death from a prisoner when I worked in the prison system that was about five years ago today. I can't sleep because my body is 24/7 wide awake on guard constant. I have to use Ambient to knock myself out along with Lorazopam. If I don't, I don't sleep! Of course I can't be out in the public because my body becomes sick.

I see my psychologist twice a month for five years but unfortunately he doesn't do hypnosis. Yet he himself swears by it. Because he was hypnotized by a hypnotist. Any input or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


Jan 22nd, 2018 09:27
Re: Of course Self-Hypnosis


This Self Hypnosis program is one of the best available:


I use it all the time and I use this technique for the classes I teach in self hypnosis.

Please note: If you're feeling very bad, unhappy or sad it is not a great idea to do self hypnosis or meditation. In a deep state any negativity you focus on will have a greater effect in the same way as the positive will. So be careful where you allow you mind to go while in self hypnosis. Each time have a singular straight forward goal.
Once you establish self hypnosis you could create in your imagination once in bed, the perfect bedroom with the perfect bed. See yourself sleeping there having a great nights sleep. Describe to yourself all the details of the bedroom and why you CAN sleep so well. Deeply get into how this sleeping you feels while sleeping so perfectly, how he will feel the next day...etc. Tell yourself how this you, understands he is safe here at home and he allows himself to sleep deeply to be healthier and sharper. Use all of your senses and keep it simple. Describe it so well you soon feel how the sleeping you feels. Continue to bring in all the things you noted to create those feeling in yourself.

This is the same program on video:



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