State of hypnosis while meditating

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By Anthony   

Oct 15th, 2017 12:22
State of hypnosis while meditating

Hi there

I use to do sleep hypnosis just before going to sleep till it interfered with my meditation and that was about 6 month's ago. Was meditating today and everything was going well and my mind was starting to get clear and quiet and then it happened again just allot stronger than other times.

My muscles relaxed and my body fell asleep like and my mind was very clear and calm. It was super relaxing like i have never felt before. I let my mind go deeper and deeper in hypnosis till i feel over and was laying on my side and got distracted cause my body was sore from laying on the ground.

Done another meditation and it happened again and 4 hour later i still fell super relaxed and can't believe it, just awesome.

I am not sure if i should start listening to a guided hypnosis when i start to go into the hypnosis state. I have a lot of issues and fears that i need to let go of.

Any advice what i should do?? Anyone have experience with self hypnosis??

Thank you


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