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By Karen Polley   

Karen Polley
Karen Polley
Oct 07th, 2017 11:10

I have a client in her 50's who has been anorexic for most of her life. She also has diverticulitis which flared up earlier this year and has resulted in her anorexia becoming out of control.

She is not body dysmorphic and acknowledges that she is too thin but part of her does not want to put on weight and she counts calories obsessively and exercises compulsively.

I have tried IMR with little success and am intending on doing parts therapy with her as she has said she feels like there are two parts of her which are in conflict.

Any suggestions/experiences of working with similar clients would be greatly appreciated as she is becoming dangerously underweight. She is being monitored by the NHS and is weighed regularly.


Dec 27th, 2017 07:13
Re: Anorexia/Diverticulitis

You yourself know that integration of parts is where it's at, have you considered that you don't know how parts integration actually works.

Find on google "Structure of Magic Vol I" and model yourself what's actual happening when you run the process.

Note that you can find on youtube how to do "NLP Emotional Spin" in order to produce ecstatic states immediately so as to make learning easy.

After that you ask here - what are the parts involved. You find the intention of each part. You anchor both parts in the same representational system (one part on each hand for example). You chunk up each intention for both parts - until both of them hit the same highest intention which is shared. You take qualities of each part and share them as resources with the other part, you do this for all parts involved, once you check that it is appropriate to run integration process itself because the highest intention can be satisfied through sharing of resources - you begin the integration process by first bringing both parts into contact, into being one (by closing hand unconsciously together only as fast as integration is occurring), the hands touch, she pulls the new integrated "..." into her body by touching the chest - she gets whole with single intention that she can satisfied. When this occurs - there has to be a big internal shift that can be observed through physiology. You test the work by asking - do you know exactly what to do now, dose it seem easy and straight forward? She immediately answers -
you're done. If she hesitates - you refine the way how you do parts integration even more or you share even more of the relevant resources through the same process.


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