Weird first time...

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By Kate   

Oct 05th, 2017 02:44
Weird first time...

I posted this in "Self-Hypnosis" but thought I'd post here too so that I can get a quick reply:

So, I tried self hypnosis for the first time after just googling it and reading about it for awhile. I laid on my back while I did it and felt very comfortable and it seemed like it was working. I was even able to tune out sounds from outside that I have no control over. I was repeating to myself some phrases, like, "I am confident." Then, just as I was getting into it (maybe about 10 minutes?) I heard/said in my head the phrase, "Do you want me to know my name?" And I got up. Because that creeped me out.

Maybe I feel asleep and surged awake (I never did look at the time when I started, so I'm not sure). Has anyone had a similar experience?


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