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Addiction to syringes

Posted in the Addictions Forum
By Amanda   

Addiction to syringes
Mar 8th, 2017 08:42

My client is a recovering heroin addict and currently on methadone however she has told me she still wants to inject even if she just injects water and not necessarily heroin. Is this a classic case of Pavlov's dogs or an issue with self harm?


Nelvis Tyrkas
Nelvis Tyrkas
Re: Addiction to syringes
May 28th, 2020 15:06

Hi, I've worked in the addictions field for over 15 years. It sounds like she has a fixation on syringes to self sooth. It sounds like her anxiety level makes her feel that if she injects she will get the release she would normally feel injecting heroin. I would work on her anxiety and possibly include a script to associate the syringe with a yuk feeling maybe when she attempts to try it it will give her feelings of nausea etc. Just a thought. She made need therapy to desensitize her from the syringe fixation.


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