Food addiction

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By Serene Starts   

Serene Starts
Serene Starts
Jun 03rd, 2016 04:11
Food addiction

I have a client who enjoys the sensuous experience of food- the taste, texture, etc. She also has an addiction to certain types of food, triggered particularly by stress.
I don't want to do any NLP switching and take away her enjoyment of specific types of food, as they're not bad things and can be eaten in moderation.
We'll be working on reducing the stress-trigger she has, but she feels strongly that she is addicted to some foods. She lives alone and although she has a happy, fulfilling life, when she has a stressful day at work she comes home and gets the "peace and comfort" she needs by eating certain foods.
Any advice on how to hit at this? Typically, we would work on improving her diet first, but it's already pretty balanced apart from the occasional binge.
I'm thinking that I'll need to look at this from an addiction point of view, but I need advice on how to MITIGATE her food consumption, not eliminate it.

So I guess, summarily, how do you "cut back" on an addiction, instead of eliminating it?

The best idea I've had so far is parts therapy, as well as some emotion and stress release.


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